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Remove Humane Society of the United States from non-profit list. Sign the Petition

The HSUS takes in hundreds of millions each and spend less then 1% on animal shelters. The rest of the money goes to Lawyers and Lobbyists. The HSUS uses very deceptive TV ads under guise names  asking for donations.  The HSUS does very little to help dogs & cats as shown in TV ads. The HSUS goal is to stop all hunting, animal agriculture & back door gun control.  Each state have biologists who are trained in ethical ways of controling wild game  populations and protect the public.  If those population control methods are outlawed the animal population will increase!  This will be a HUGE PUBLIC SAFTEY ISSUE as you will see in the picture. Last,  There have been 150  complaints filed with the FTC  against the HSUS.  It is time to remove the HSUS from the non-profit list with the IRS.  And Lois Lerner did nothing.  But she did attack right wing groups.

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