Remove High-Risk Accused Sexual Offender from Community

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Victory! Accused Sexual Offender Wade Stene taken back into custody.

My friends, we have succeeded! Almost 17,000 (!) of you came alongside our little neighbourhood and stood beside the victim and her family. Despite most of you not personally knowing the victim, you made your voices heard, and a wrong has been righted. For this, I humbly say "thank you". I believe I can also speak for the victim and her family, in expressing their gratitude. We celebrate together, knowing that the victim no longer needs to face the fear and anxiety of having the accused living in close proximity. We can also breathe a collective sigh of relief, knowing that the accused, Wade Stene, has been taken back into custody at the Edmonton Remand Center, to await trial. I truly hope that this step allows the healing process to continue for the victim, for her family and friends, and for our neighbourhood. Again, I thank you for your willingness to make your voices heard. Sincerely, Nathan DeVries

Nathan DeVries
1 year ago