Remove health risk from Highvale Secondary College NOW !!

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Left : Highvale carpet chemically reacting. Right : Highvale carpet not reacting


As fellow parents, we feel ethically bound to share this information with you and hope you will help us act to make sure the safety of our children is protected – it’s such an easy fix !!!

As Highvale parents, we are extremely concerned about the carpet tiles at Highvale Secondary College that may be outgassing chemicals that pose a health risk to students and staff.

This is because the tiles weren't installed correctly, as per the Australian Standards and the manufacturer's strict instructions to ensure safety. The carpet tile manufacturer has confirmed this fact.

These chemicals cause the aggravation of skin conditions, asthma, respiratory issues and toxic effects on the reproductive system.

The advice we have from an independent carpet expert and an independent scientist with a PHD in Applied Chemisty, is that the air testing that the school has conducted is not adequate. Air quality will fluctuate over time, with the seasons, air flow etc, etc. It is not good enough to rely on constant air testing over time.

Safe Work Australia’s own guidance document states that measurement of the hazard must not be used as an alternative to controlling the hazard. We believe this control is best achieved by removal of the tiles, followed by correct installation.

The Victorian Department of Education and Training’s Occupational Health and Safety Risk Management Procedure also states that elimination of the hazard, if practicable, is the highest priority.  

The good news is that the risk to health can be eliminated quickly and easily by the removal of the reacting carpet tiles, preparation of the concrete surface, and correct installation of new carpet tiles during the 2018 / 19 Christmas School holidays. 

We need to act now to keep our kids safe ! Parents and students, please sign this petition!


We have been working behind the scenes since April 2018 to try and solve this problem, but feel we are being shut down every step of the way.

·       The offer to inform the School Council of the health effects of the chemicals has been denied

·       Wrong moisture testing equipment (meant for timber floors) was used for one of the “independent tests” on the concrete slab

·       Request to arrange a meeting between the builder, carpet installer and manufacturer by the carpet expert has been denied

·       The offer of free expert assistance refused

·       Offer of payment for independent testing by a concerned parent was denied

·       All requests to transparently map which areas of carpet tiles are reacting denied

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