Remove GST off Sanitary Products!!!

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Pads, tampons and all other sanitary items are NOT a LUXURY they are a NECESSITY. The extra 15%tax added on to women's sanitary products are cleaning out women's wallets.

You can HELP. You can help us help them. We are going to help women in Auckland who cannot afford overpriced sanitary products. In different areas of Auckland, teenage girls are reduced to missing school, women use rags as alternatives, miss meals and more to get through their period. Their voice is not being recognised and the government is not doing enough to help them through their monthly struggles. Many women are going through a week of stress every month! Our project is needed to get women in Auckland who cannot afford sanitary products voice heard and for them to not dread the time when their period comes! They need support and our project will provide them with this. Women should not have to struggle to afford a basic need, why is a woman's basic necessity being priced as a luxury? Earn us back our period rights!

The people that will be most impacted by our project are the women who every month cannot afford to get a necessity, sanitary products. Our project will allow them to easily afford sanitary items and allow them to get through their period with ease. Their issue will be voiced louder and more awareness will be brought to their suffering. They will have the support of many women from around New Zealand that can support this cause.