Remove George campus LSRC

Remove George campus LSRC

250 have signed. Let’s get to 500!

Why this petition matters

The George Capus LSRC should be removed because of the following reasons.

1.Failing to heed to the call of the students



4. Failing to attend to issues brought forward by student

5.Failing to report back to students

6.Valued entertainment over student's academic and wellbeing(Abusing the finances of the school in unnecessary events)

7. Placed squatters and did not do a check up

8. Failure to support unfunded students

9. Failing to perform duties asigned to them

10 Shuttle Issues for SRNM students living off campus

11. Threat's to students when they are trying to exercise of speech in terms of their basic needs

13. Discrimination against students who not affiliated  in the ruling party.

14. They also bought LSRC uniforms even before they could help anyone for a matter of fact

15. Students deregistering when they are funded but the SRC couldn't help fix their Problem

250 have signed. Let’s get to 500!