Remove Doug Ford From Office - Move Forwards Not Backwards

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Doug Ford has continuously shown he does not care about the people of this province and the people he is affecting. He has barely been in office for a year and he has drastically changed our province for the worse. 

Cancelled Cap & Trade and Green Energy Act

Rolled Back Sex-Ed Program

Halted Opening Safe-Injection Sites 

Cancelled new liberal basic income pilot program

Cancelled minimum wage increase to $15, 10 sick days, and equal pay for equal work

Rolled back Pharmacare (OHIP+) 

Scraped drive clean program

Changes to OSAP funding 

Cut $25 million for specialized school programs

Cuts to Ontario Arts Council and Indigenous Culture Fund

Cut Funding to Ontario College of Midwives

Changes to childcare (# children to adult ratio) 

Proposed bill to exempt commercial and industrial developers from meeting environmental regulations 

Will remove education on LGBTQ+ rights and Recognition of Gender Identity 

All of this has happened in less than a year. This is only some of the horrific, disgusting things Ford has planned for our province. He has done nothing but send us all backwards. All the time and money the liberals have spent accomplishing all these wonderful things, he has taken away in a matter of what feels like seconds. We have the ability to do something about this before he makes even more detrimental decisions for our country. For the better of the country as a whole, we have to do something, we have to try. Please join me in attempting to save our province from further hatred and division that will come with Fords rein.