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Remove Defamatory Petition About Steel City Derby Demons

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As a roller derby fan, I want to remove this defamatory post about our local league:

SCDD's official response to the offending petition and claims lays out all the FACTS in this case pertaining to the league's actions. It can be read here: 

The petition in question unfairly accuses an entire league of over 70 women of "bullying" a girl who accused another girl of sexual assault. Many women on the league are not even AWARE of these claims because these matters are handled privately by the board and committess and something SCDD takes very seriously is the privacy of it's skaters.

The offending petition clearly breaks the terms of service on for posting defamatory or libelous content, and can tarnish the league's good reputation in modern roller derby.

Accusations of Sexual abuse and harassment are serious matters which should be dealt with by the proper authorities. shouldn't be used as a petty attack ad for disgruntled skaters or posting things that are unfounded and potentially make all of roller derby look bad. Case in point... the title "stop-sexual-violence-in-roller-derby" elludes that this is a problem that is running rampant throughout derby. It cites "several cases", but if you google search keywords you will find ZERO other accounts except for leagues raising money for assault victims and doing good. is there somebody in your company actually reading your own terms of service? Do the right thing and remove defamatory posts like this one that are attacking an entire derby league over one skater's grievances.

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