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Remove Clark Staller, badge #9514, from active duty until the investigation into the death of Clinton Allen is complete!

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On March 10, 2013, Clark Staller killed Clinton Roebexar (pronounced "Ro-bear") Allen - 25, an unarmed man, by shooting him 7 times, while Clinton trying to retrieve his belongings from a former residence. Clinton was also shot underneath his arm, with a wound that we believe to be consistent with being shot AS HIS HANDS WERE RAISED. It is disappointing to know that the Dallas Police Department allowed an officer back on the streets FIVE DAYS after killing an unarmed man.

Clinton was an extremely beloved father, son, fiancé, brother, nephew, grandson, uncle, cousin and friend to many. He greeted everyone with his signature phrase, "Hello World!" Because of his gentle and compassionate nature, Clinton was affectionately nicknamed, "Big Baby". Clinton bravely helped his mother in her fight against breast cancer last year and the weekend he died, was planning his wedding as well as a trip to Los Angeles to visit his sister. That is all gone now. 

Clark Staller claims that after allegedly tasing Clinton twice, Clinton still had the strength to choke him which caused him to fear for his life and shot Clinton. However, Clinton’s body tells us, his family, a very different story. Clinton, unarmed, was shot 7 times. Again, Clinton has wounds that are consistent with being shot AS HIS HANDS WERE RAISED. From photos seen of Staller, Clark Staller is a MUCH larger man than Clinton - and was armed with a powerful semi-automatic gun, in which he UNLOADED. 

Clark Staller has only been with the Dallas Police Department since 2008 and already has a troubled history within the force. In January 2011, Staller ran over a burglary suspect, lied about it AND falsified the police report. Staller justified this use of force by saying, "suspects lie all the time," as quoted by the Dallas Morning News. This footage was later caught on his dashboard camera. A high ranking official at that time called his actions, "very disturbing", but yet, Staller WAS ALLOWED after a slight 20 day suspension, to return to his job.

Clark Staller, armed with a history of using excessive force, lying and falsifying an official police report, was returned to the streets of Dallas only FIVE DAYS after murdering Clinton Allen, WITH A GUN and WITH PAY. We, Clinton Allen’s family, were told that we could not file a complaint against Clark Staller; we must to wait for Internal Affairs and Crimes Against Persons to complete their investigations – a process that we were told could take months. This process prevents us from making a timely complaint. While the investigation is pending, Clark Staller has been released back onto Dallas’s streets.

If we his family must wait to file a complaint against Clark Staller so that we can begin our process of justice, why is Clark Staller back on the streets, with a gun, a history of excessive force and lying with a paycheck from tax payers? Clark Staller should NOT be on any force, or any street and most certainly, not with a gun and with a paycheck funded by taxpayers. Clark Staller is a THREAT and DANGER to society. 

Please sign this petition in our efforts to find justice for Clinton Allen and keep the streets of Dallas safer by keeping Clark Staller off of them! 

For more information, please read and follow our blog: and Clinton's mother on Twitter: @MotherBouvier and his sister, @Chaedria

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