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Remove Chick-Fil-A From The Crabtree Valley Mall Food Court

Chick-fil-a has donated millions of dollars to anti-gay rights organizations. Discrimination should not be tolerated by anyone, especially to people in a public place like a mall. People and children should not grow up around a company that would do such a thing.

These are the kind of people that do not understand that whether or not the LGBT community has equal rights, it does not affect them in any way whatsoever. Just because they believe in marraige the way the bible says it is, does not mean that everybody should believe that as well.

By signing this petition, not only are you making a statement against  this discriminatory company, but you are also supporting the rights of all people as a whole, you are supporting the fact that all people should be treated equally regardless of their sexual orientation.

If a homosexual couple gets married, it will not affect a single person out there, not one person will feel any kind of pain, or experience any kind of inconvenience in the slightest amount.

However, because people out there still discriminate, and act like their religion should be law, it causes hardship, and inconvenience, to all homosexual couples. 

Here is a few links describing why we should be taking action.

        If you believe in equality, sign this petition.

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