Remove Chadwick broadbent from social media

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For a long time Chadwick Broadbent bas been on social media, where we have seen nothing but cringy posts, and fake photos. Its time to put a stop to it. Chadwick has been using his social media influence (Mostly generated by fake followers) to get close to girl, yes you heard me right, girls, not Ladies, little girls, which is absolutely disgusting. There is also the issue of his so called “Clothing Company” where he uses it to scam people out of their money and get close to these young teenage girls. He get these young girls to work for him and never pays them as promised, this results in Chadwick needing to looke for now people to do his dirty work while he scams everyone blindly. Chadwick has also proven to be a constant Liar and fraud, it has fallen upon us to take action against this individual before he can do more harm to our community 

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