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Remove Bruce Pennington from Sheriff of Saline County


Article 5, Section 9 of the Arkansas Constitution states that anyone who has been convicted of an "infamous crime" is ineligible to hold public office in Arkansas. The term is ill-defined within the Constitution, but the state Supreme Court has since ruled that misdemeanors that include "elements of deceit or dishonesty" qualify as "infamous crimes." 

Saline County residents deserve and need a law-abiding Sheriff who respects the oath he's taken to protect and serve with integrity.
Instead, we have one with a long history of driving drunk; one that tolerates the torture of inmates in the jail resulting in death and injury for which the county is being sued; and has a history of hiring officers who have previously been fired from other agencies for drug use.
His checkered past is long and shameful and it's time he is removed from office before he gets someone else killed... either by driving drunk or at the hands of his deputies.

We can no longer trust Bruce Pennington with our safety and that of our families.


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  • Saline Co Circuit Court Judges, Co Judge Lanny Fite, AG Dustin McDaniel

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