Support Improved Access & Space for Moss Street Winter Market

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Indoor Moss Street Farmers Market Space Too Small to Support the Growing Community 

Food security and access to local food is critical for the sustainability, health and protection of our environment. Local farmers markets are proven to reduce our global footprint, increase community well-being and togetherness, and improve access to high quality and healthy foods. All the while keeping your money in your local community.

The Victoria growing season has lengthened (we now have farmers producing tomatoes and peppers in November, for example!). Combined with the shifting dynamics in food production, the over-use of chemicals, and the costs and environmental impact of importing goods, it is more important than ever that we ensure there are NO barriers to local organic food suppliers. With this more and more people are looking to get food from local sources and farms.

The summer market at Moss Street is a bustling hub for our community, local farmers, artisans and food producers. The number of locals and visitors alike who participate in this market to put their money straight back into the community in which we live is incredible.

The majority of the summer market vendors are eager to continue to supply larger quantities of goods throughout the winter.  However, due to school district 61 demanding high costs, the Moss St Market has again been forced to utilize the small Garry Oak Room in Sir James Douglas Elementary which is not fit for the purpose of supporting such a large community.

This small space results in limited access and long line-ups where customers have to queue sometimes for up to an hour, often in the cold and wet. This difficulty to purchase the goods creates a distinctive barrier to those wishing to access local food and the local farmers who supply these essential services. This small space also has an impact on the vendors, who have to significantly reduce the quantity of items they have on sale. 

The market also loses its sense of community and connection due to people cramming past one another to strive to get to the stall they are most desiring to get their limited food supplies from. 

Access to a larger space has been cited as too expensive due to SD61s high costs for the larger gym space at the school.  As taxpayers, and supporters of the local community we ask that the District of Saanich, SD61 and City of Victoria act to ensure there are no barriers between their and access to local food sources.

The signers of this petition ask that SD61, the City of Victoria and District of Saanich work with the board of the Moss St Market to provide adequate space at the Moss Street Location at a cost that is not a prohibitive barrier for the Market.

As a result, this will support the growing numbers of people who require access to local food year round and see this Market continue to grow and flourish.

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