Remove anti-homeless bars from the benches in Bournemouth centr

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Recently Bournemouth Council have installed bars across the middle of benches in Bournemouth town centre as a way to stop homeless people from sleeping on them. This came to mine and many others attention after artist Stuart Semple shared a photo on his Facebook which went viral. In the process of doing this Bournemouth Council have spent £3,650 (ridiculous I know!) on 38 bars.

I think this is disgusting and that action needs to be taken because Bournemouth council have gone to the extreme of taking inhumane steps that stop them from even sleeping on a bench rather than the freezing cold floor at night. I live in Poole and frequently help homeless people in Bournemouth by providing them with warm drinks and food if I go past them. As a community we need to pull together because the council have turned their back on the homeless.

Other alleged actions by Bournemouth Council that have come to light is them taking away people’s sleeping bags and playing loud music at night to stop them from being able to settle and sleep in the center. They seem to care more about the image of Bournemouth than people’s livelihoods and rather than spending the money on beds in hostels for them or food they’ve spent it on “preventative measures”. I think Bournemouth Council seem to be forgetting that these are actually people and they have it hard enough without their ridiculous measures being enforced, so I am taking action to call for a change on what they are doing. 

What is also ironic is that on their website they have a dedicated page to homelessness. How can they have the audacity to have this yet their actions show some sort of vendetta against the homeless? I have already emailed them a lengthy email to which I got a brief reply containing their generic press release, therefore I’ve set up this petition. Also Stuart Semple has now launched to fight hostile design in other parts of the world. Together we need to be a voice for the homeless. 

This petiton is addressed to the local MPs and Bournemouth Council itself, and I strongly urge people to join me and sign this petition. Shame on Bournemouth Council. 

#shameonbournemouthcouncil #helpthehomeless 

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