Remove and Replace the Fletcher's Grove HOA Board

Remove and Replace the Fletcher's Grove HOA Board

July 18, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Anthony Crampton

**Please only ONE Homeowner per address**

The Homeowners of Fletcher’s Grove believe that the current Board members have collectively misled the community, actively work to obscure the function of the HOA and have created scenarios that make the community appear unwelcome. We strive for community driven leadership that listens to residents without judgement, disdain, nor ridicule. We demand a positive community, which begins with homeowners first.  

At this time, it is felt that it is in the interest of the community to formally remove the current Board (mentioned above), prohibit them from serving on the Board again, and elect new Board Members with at least (1) member representing each of the three sections of the existing community. According to our bylaws, no reason is required to remove a Board member at any point, just 2/3 of the community must vote to do so. Proxy votes are not allowed to be used for this vote as confirmed by the developer on 18 July 2022.

Actions warranting removal include but are not limited to (as shared by various Homeowners): 

  • The President and other members have openly and knowingly disparaged community members by making meritless claims in public forums, 
  • openly and knowingly ridiculed residents in public forums, 
  • openly and knowingly provided false information to Town Police regarding ‘incidents’,
  • hidden information from residents,
  • barred Homeowners due process in violation disputes as established by the bylaws, 
  • prevented Homeowners from joining quarterly meetings without just cause,
  • spent HOA funds for trademarking of a name that is not owned by the community or approved in writing by majority of the community,
  • spent HOA funds on a sign that majority of the community did not approve of in writing (was not communicated to the community at large that this was taking place),
  • do not properly notify Homeowners of agenda items to discuss or if votes are to take place to ensure attendance,
  • modified community architectural guidelines to accommodate their needs, while denying other residents the same benefit,
  • shared the status of confidential financial situations of residents
  • lack of transparency in HOA expenditures to ensure no Board member is benefiting from community funds for personal gain (such as paving/sealing of driveways), 
  • and besmirched many members of this community that has pushed some prior residents to leave.

The community will present this petition to the Board and Property Management Company to remove Board members according to our community bylaws once 2/3 of the Homeowners have signed. If you agree the community should remove current board members for the reasons above or any additional reasons, please indicate by signing your name and providing your address and phone number below. It is asked that only (1) Homeowner per address sign.

Our private Facebook group for the Community is below as the previous was paused by the Board.

Fletcher’s Grove residents are welcome join our Facebook group:


This petition made change with 80 supporters!

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