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Remove ACA and Today Tonight from our society.

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Fake news and mis-truths appear to be acceptable for the likes of Today Tonight and A Current Affair.  Whilst this may make headlines and line the coffers for the owners/shareholders of the television networks, little consideration is given to the deeply harmful and negative impacts this has on individuals, communities and society at large.

What kind of society are we if we allow this gutter style of 'reporting' to continue? Surely, we are better than this and can demand that our news networks provide facts and evidence, not fear-mongering and oppression of the 'other'.

Playing in to the hands of the majority in order to marginalise the minority is not reporting, and it is certainly not journalism. Those who partake in this kind of brainwashing and play for confirmation bias of the masses of the uninformed amongst us need to be made aware of the pain and humiliation that they are causing others, and the extreme damage that this is causing to the harmony of society.

We, the undersigned, urge the owners of the media companies, the shareholders, the CEOs and managers to reflect on your role in our society and understand that what you do, what you allow, impacts the culture of Australia. Further, we urge those who are employed in these ventures to take a stance, draw on the professional and your own personal standards and refuse to act in such a way that further fractures this multi-diverse and beautiful home of ours.

The future of this country can be a lot brighter than it is. Please remove the barriers to such a future and acknowledge the negative impact that programs such as ACA and Today Tonight are having.


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