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Why this petition matters

Started by Miriam Vos Savant

Remove HTA Administration NOW!  have mismanaged and mistreated this school community enough. This is about all of us statewide.

The Kona Campus still has no date for a new campus after 2 plus years. For Kona, there are only 2 teachers left on staff for the secondary, both emergency hires. All qualified teachers were transferred or dismissed. Multiple formal complaints were filed through the teachers union and multiple parent complaints have been filed with the Board, over their behavior. We have been through proper complaint and whistleblower protocols, and explored multiple avenues for accountability. They still remains in their position and unresponsive to coaching and feedback. Our next step is to align with the HSTA (Teacher's Union) and other supporters to raise our collective voice to the Public, Board, and Charter School Commission to take the accounts of harassments and bullying seriously.

We are asking for your support by signing and sharing this petition to bring awareness to this immense existential crisis that we are facing. 

Replace these two to save ALL!!! 

Petition for Removal 

We, the parents and teachers, along with community stakeholders are demanding the dismissal of immediately, based on multiple violations of Hawai’i State Department of Education (HIDOE) Code of Conduct, Charter School directives, Union Contract violations and disregard of administrative job duties and responsibilities. The 2021-22 school year has been especially difficult, not just because of the pandemic, but also with the actions and behavior of the administration. The administration changed hands in July 2019 and since then has systematically chipped away at the trust and confidence of parents and teachers and students. Continual disregard of the of Conduct Guiding Principles, lack of communication and transparency, questionable integrity, lack of professionalism, and unwillingness to collaborate with parents, teachers and our community, has made us aware that this current Administration does not have the best interest of  in mind or heart. 

Since August 2019, several school community members have witnessed and documented many Code of Conduct violations, inappropriate and unprofessional behavior from ctor . When HSTA grievances are presented, Administration routinely responds with defensive remarks, excuses and minimal effort towards corrective actions, many things remain unchanged months later. The integrity of our school  has been compromised and is causing strife and division amongst stakeholders through their negligent actions. This resulted in an unwelcoming, hostile and unsafe environment for our students, families, teachers and other staff. This administration is not a good fit for and we are demanding a change in leadership.   

Office staff and teachers have already quit because of the treatment and questionable tactics towards certain staff. It is disappointing to see a pattern has developed of dismissing parent and teacher concerns, ignoring DOE required guidelines and directives, violating Union Contract directives, and unprofessional and hostile behavior, degrading our scuool and everything it stands for. We have given many opportunities for our  and to correct these issues by offering help, feedback and resources. They have been unwilling to change, or accept responsibility. Administration is not performing to the standards required per their position, and has put their character and motivation into question.

In one instance when “Friends of ” finances were questioned became extremely defensive and made threats to look the other way. This behavior hints to of 2011 and the highly publicized misuse of funds. We ask the community to forward any information they may have regarding dealings with Friends of . 

We will not allow this administration's behavior and tactics to influence our students and their learning environment negatively. They deserve positive leadership that upholds integrity, being and doing whatʻs right. This Administration has proven they are incapable of leading by this example. We are holding Governing Board of accountable for corrective action of replacing  and believe positive change can come from this.  

It is the culmination of these instances, that the undersigned below requests that the Governing Board or the Hawai’i State Charter School Commission remove  and  as  within our school immediately. Should Governing Board choose not to act upon this serious matter, further action will be pressed with more public awareness and likely withdrawal of students until this matter is resolved.

All examples have been well documented, parents and teachers involved with each infraction are willing to come forward and discuss in an effort to conduct a complete investigation. There are other instances that have occurred but some are scared to come forward due to retaliation and intimidation.

Care for our students and families. Save our school, save our Teachers!

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Our students need your support! 

155 have signed. Let’s get to 200!