Removal of non-prescribed tablets from settings and mental health care for young people

Removal of non-prescribed tablets from settings and mental health care for young people

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Why this petition matters

Started by susan robertson

We wish to draw to your attention to the availability of non-prescriptive drugs in open settings, the lack of support and funding for young people who are experiencing a crisis in their life.

This is Abbie's Law Proposal - Abbie has been basically swept under the carpet of the NHS and other professionals who could have offered advice from a very early age. She has been on the pathway for ASD for the past 5 years and, only when the family went to the press, has she now been offered an assessment. Since she has become a teenager she has developed her own coping mechanisms in the form of multiple personalities, which again has challenged all those who love and care for her.

The lack of support has meant that her mental health has deteriorated to the point where she feels - at 14 years old - that her only option is to attempt suicide several times, now causing extensive harm to her liver. She believes that she will never receive the care that she is entitled to.

Various agencies have now got involved, and their immediate reaction is to get her admitted to a secure unit - where often children who come from unsupportive families and cannot function in the community are admitted. Further harm will come to her if she is left unsupported in this environment. Her family will also lose parental control, when they are not a bad family, she comes from a loving and supportive home.

Social Services are fighting to have her put into a mental health unit where she will get the care that she needs and hopefully be able to return to her family in the future.

We are highlighting this and asking for this petition to be signed so that the Prime Minister of the UK will receive it, to ensure that young people and their families are not just left 'flying in the wind'. Do not themselves feel isolated or dismissed by so called professionals. That suitable funding and support is made available through the NHS for all young people that have a mental health issue and dangerous drugs are locked away.

We want non-prescriptive medicines, like paracetomal, not to be readily available on the shelves of supermarkets or shops - for these non-prescriptive medicines to be placed behind the counters and for age awareness to be put into place - no one under the age of 18 being able to purchase these items.

We believe that suicidal tendencies in young people is growing expedentially, caused by various settings and impacts on their lives - not least COVID. Suicide is never going to be a choice, if the right support is given, the fact that young people can access non-prescriptive drugs in this day and age and use them to harm themselves is unacceptable.

We wish to call this Abbie's law and ask everyone to sign this petition to get the Prime Minister's attention.

244 have signed. Let’s get to 500!