Removal of Kiski Township Board of Supervisors

Removal of Kiski Township Board of Supervisors

August 6, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Brittany Hilliard

Several members of the Kiski Township Board of Supervisors have allegations of wrongdoing against them for accessing police camera footage, ordering officers to overlook the law in some cases, harassing officers, gender discrimination, and more. The actions of these board members forced our police officers to resign, leaving the township without a police force. As a resident and taxpayer, I am paying for police coverage and I expect to have it.
“Township supervisors must carefully avoid conflicts between their personal and private interests and their role as township supervisors. The Public Officials and Employees Ethics Act prohibits public officials and employees from committing a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest is the use, by a public official or public employee, of the authority of their position, or any confidential information received through their position, for the private pecuniary benefit of himself, a member of their immediate family or a business with which they, or a member of their immediate family, is associated. In other words, township officials are prohibited from using their office to financially benefit themselves” according to the Township Supervisors Handbook.
Township Supervisors are elected to serve their residents and taxpayers. However, they are reluctant to listen to us and answer questions during public meetings. We, the people of the township, voted these individuals into office, we should be able to vote them out. 
In addition to the criminal allegations and lack of providing police coverage, there are many allegations of unethical behavior from said supervisors. It is known that 3/5 of the supervisors are in administration at the firehall; and one is an involved member. That being said, obviously our board is biased towards the fire department, and we only need 3 votes for a motion to be approved. Not to mention they just hired three new auditors, all from the firehall despite many other applicants. This raises concern for me.
In addition, said supervisors have instigated and engaged intimidating behavior towards me for starting this petition. 
Section 402 of the Second Class Township Code authorizes townships to expand the board from 3 to 5 members by a referendum approved by the township residents. In addition, 5-member boards may be reduced to 3 members by referendum. 

This petition is to remove board members of Kiski Township Supervisors, Mike Bash, Richard Frain, and Dylan Foster; creating a 3 member board with one vacancy. 

We only need 5% of registered voters in kiski township to initiate change.

8/21/22 Edit: This petition was originally created based on what I knew at the time, and I chose to take a stand for the township. Since I started the petition I have encountered endless intimidation.
Here is my personal story: 

Legally, nothing can be done, so I’m just going to practice my first amendment right as well. Politically driven false allegations should be considered a crime, especially when they involve children.

Run down: Township police force resigns and allegations were made against township supervisors. This was in the news. I attended the public meeting following the resignation, I asked questions regarding the allegations but was given no answer. No one has made any statement denying the allegations and I became away that a lot of people are angry nothing has been done. So I took action and started a petition to have said supervisors removed.

Three out of five board supervisors are also in administration at the fire department. One supervisor is a member, and one is not involved with the fire department. The only issue I have concerning the fire department is the administration. The supervisors recently hired a fourth person to the road crew, he’s a volunteer fire fighter. We didn’t need another full time member on the road crew.
Let me make it very, very clear that I never implied the fire department volunteers were paid. I asked how many volunteer fire fighters are also employed with the township. I wanted to be sure there was equal opportunity for township positions. There has been an attack on me ever since. As I left the last public meeting, a mob of woman from the fire department followed me out screaming at me. I was later informed the women from the fire department were going to have me investigated.
These people are more worried about taking me down rather than proving me wrong.

I have lived 28 years with a clean record, never had charges or allegations made against me.
I have been a parent for almost 10 years and never had an encounter with CPS. No one has ever questioned the safety of my children. Everyone that knows me, knows my kids are well taken care of and that I am a damn good mom.

Since I started this petition, someone filed a complaint against me for soliciting without a permit and someone reported me to CPS.
Obviously, the allegations were proven to be false; and my actions do not require a soliciting permit.

Why would anyone involve children in adult political differences; or make a CPS worker investigate false allegations while they could be helping a child that is truly in danger and needs help; or make serious yet baseless allegations against someone you have never actually met or engaged with outside of politics; or challenge a mothers capability to parent her children simply because of a different opinion regarding politics.

I realize politics can get dirty but at what point did it become ok to make false allegations against someone using their children?
Imagine having to explain to your scared 9 year old why CPS is visiting.

I cannot prove who made these allegations so you can make your own assumptions, but it seems quite obvious to me.

I may be able to handle the intimidation, but no one deserves to be intimidated and harassed for using their voice, starting a petition, or any other reason for that matter.

One more thing, I don’t know how or when I gave off the impression that I am not grateful for volunteer firefighters, but I am very grateful, and I thank each and every one of you for your service.

Please help me take a stand by signing this petition. Stop the bullies! 

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Signatures: 142Next Goal: 200
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