Removal of Article 370 and Article 35A from the Indian Constitution

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  • Articles 370 and 35A are among the worst decisions of 1st P.M. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. India always say that Kashmir is a part of India then why there are two different laws, different flags and different constitution. The separatists are taking advantage of these articles. Our soldiers are losing their lives and facing many problems due to these articles. It's the time when we must stand for Kashmir and demand the removal of these articles. 
  • These articles are providing boost to the anti-national elements. They have their own constitution, own national flag and own law which simply shows that Kashmir is part of India just on papers. The most humiliating part is that the hindu minorities are not given the citizenship of either India or Kashmir and they are living the worst life since the independence of India.
  • Kashmiris are allowed to buy properties in any part of India but Indians don't have the right to buy properties in Kashmir.
  • Last but not least if Indians really think that Kashmir is a part of India then Articles 370 and 35A must be removed or India must officially handover Kashmir to Pakistan.