Removal of Annastacia Palaszczuk as Queensland Premier

Removal of Annastacia Palaszczuk as Queensland Premier

13 August 2022
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Started by Gibbs Townsend
          1. Annastacia Palaszczuk has put our State of Queensland in unnecessary debt by her mismanagement of Queensland State funds.  We the people of Queensland are feeling this impact in terms of this debt:

            Lack of allocated funds for medical treatment - These and other State funds have been misused/redirected to the Queensland's COVID-19 quarantine facility at Wellcamp that has cost taxpayers millions. Millions that should have been directed to health care.

            On 21 July 2021 the historic announcement was made after a vote by International Olympic Committee members at their 138th International Olympic Committee Session in Tokyo.
            Brisbane 2032 aspires to create a legacy for the people of Queensland and Australia by leveraging by the Games as a catalyst to enhance social, economic, and environmental outcomes for our communities.

            Queensland has 10 years to turn this vision into a reality, which begins with an initial foundational planning phase currently underway with key Games partners including the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Australian Olympic Committee and three levels of government. Is this a priority over the health of Queenslanders? Obviously, it is to the Queensland premier.

            Nearly 200 locals shared their stories of a sick system at the LNP’s biggest Queensland Health Crisis Town Hall held in Kingaroy. A regional town that has suffered enough in terms of the lack of health care investment by the Queensland Premier. 
            Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli, Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates and Nanango MP Deb Frecklington heard firsthand experiences with the region’s ailing health services which they’ll take straight to the floor of Parliament House to demand action and change.

            Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli said the huge turnout marked the biggest town hall hosted by the Opposition.

            “We wanted to hold the 20th Health Crisis Town Hall in Kingaroy so we could listen and understand how the region is being let down by a sick system,” he said.

            “The record number of locals who attended just proves this third term Labor government is losing control of Queensland Health.

            “We’re committed to supporting these communities and backing their fight for better healthcare services.”

            Mr Crisafulli said the first town hall was held at Mt Gravatt in June last year and was getting bigger at every visit across the state.

            “Since then, we’ve travelled across the state and listened to the stories of Queenslanders from Cairns to Mt Isa, Bundaberg, Ipswich and the Gold Coast to name a few,” he said.

            “We’ve had some wins along the way, including locals finally getting a crucial specialist appointment, or even surgery after years of delays.

            “We’ll keep hosting these town halls across the state so we can hear firsthand these stories and demand action from the government.”

            Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates said the LNP was committed to improving the system and had put solutions on the table including more beds, better triage and giving power back to the frontline staff to make better decisions to improve patient care.

            Ms Bates said doctors, nurses, paramedics, and allied healthcare workers were exhausted and deserved more respect.

            “As a nurse and former hospital administrator, I know how stressful it can get for the staff who are doing everything they can to keep our hospitals running,’ Ms Bates said.

            “The embattled Health Minister doesn’t have a plan to fix it.

            “What has this State Government been doing for the last seven years to improve our hospitals?”

            Nanango MP Deb Frecklington said the local health system had been struggling for years with staff shortages and the withdrawal of critical healthcare services.

            “Today multiple nurses spoke out and revealed they had walked away from their careers because they felt undervalued,” she said.

            “A father told us that his seven-year-old son’s surgery was cancelled at the last minute.

            “A mother waited with her son to be seen for seven hours in the emergency department.

            “These problems existed long before Covid and the people of Kingaroy and neighbouring areas just want the State Government to fix it.

            “The entire region is suffering because of the lack of health services. Labor simply does not have a plan to fix regional health.

            “We need more investment in mental health, palliative care and paediatric services.

            Ms Frecklington said she would keep up the fight for better health care for all Queenslanders.

            “Together, I know we can make a difference to fix this ailing healthcare system,” she said.

            The Auditor-General’s report into the State Government’s record on social housing is set to be released.
            The LNP is urging the State Government to genuinely consider its findings and take real action on the housing crisis across Queensland.

            Shadow Housing Minister Tim Mander said despite having more than seven years to address the serious problem, the issue has only worsened under this Queensland State Government.

            “There are more than 50,000 Queenslanders on the waiting list for social housing,” Mr Mander said. And this figure is rising rapidly.

            “That number has exploded by nearly 80% in the last four years.

            “At a time when working families on dual incomes are forced to live in cars or tents, every suggestion to improve the situation must be taken on board.

            “We haven’t built enough homes in Queensland to keep pace with our surging population.

            “A report by the Commonwealth Productivity Commission revealed that in 2020/21, Queensland spent less on social housing per person than any other state or territory.

            “In five years, the Queensland state government has added barely 1,000 social housing bedrooms across the state, but the waiting list grew by more than 20,000 people. That is nothing to be proud of.

            “The State Government has to start listening.

            “Seven years of failure has pushed many Queenslanders to the margins.”

            Mr Mander said that there were immediate steps the State Government could take to address the housing crisis in Queensland.

            “Releasing land for freehold, affordable and social housing must be a priority for the State Government.

            “The LNP also believe that government must partner with, and unlock the Community Housing sector.

            “These organisations are ready made to help house the vulnerable. If we empower them, and allow them to leverage housing stock, they can help put a roof over the head of vulnerable Queenslanders.”

            Police funding cut as assaults double in Townsville
            The State Government’s decision to cut funding from Safe Night Precincts in Townsville has been made all the more shocking, as new data reveals an unprecedented rise in assaults.
            QPS statistics for Townsville from the 2021/22 financial year to date compared with the last financial year show a 107% rise in the number of assaults.

            Speaking in Townsville this morning, Opposition Leader David Crisafulli said he had no doubt the Police Minister and Treasurer were aware of the surge in violence before agreeing to cut funding.

            “Cutting funding at a time when there is greater risk of alcohol-fuelled violence simply makes no sense,” Mr Crisafulli said.

            “But what makes it worse is knowing the Police Minister’s own statistics show assaults have more than doubled in just 12 months.

            “Safe Night Precincts are designed to keep locals safe, and that includes a highly visible police presence.

            “This is what happens when a government is focussed on their integrity issues instead of delivering services to the community.”

            Shadow Police Minister and Burdekin MP Dale Last said the Brisbane-centric State Government doesn’t understand Townsville.

            “The Police Minister has cut a crucial service, because his Treasurer can’t balance his books,” Mr Last said.

            “Taking officers off the Safe Night Precinct when assaults have soared 107% in a year is ludicrous.

            “I fear that this dreadful decision will have serious consequences.”

            6.    Queensland patients sick of being lied to

            The LNP Opposition is demanding the State Government be upfront with Queenslanders about what is really being delivered in the months and years ahead to heal the Queensland Health Crisis. Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli said the Budget had revealed Labor’s hospitals plan was severely underfunded.

            “Queenslanders are finding it increasingly hard to trust the State Government,” Mr Crisafulli said. “Budget analysis shows that the State Government hasn’t been upfront with Queenslanders.

            “Less than 1% of State Government funding will be spent in the first 12 months for new hospitals, and nearly half of it is completely missing from the Budget.

            “Glossy brochures and hollow promises won’t heal the health crisis.

            “Queenslanders want real solutions, not hollow headlines. “After breaking the health system for the past seven years, the State Government wants another seven years to fix the Queensland Health Crisis.

            “That is why the LNP has put solutions on the table including more resources, better triaging, sharing data in real time and above all put local doctors and nurses back in charge.”

            Shadow Treasurer David Janetzki said less than 1% of the promised funding will trickle through over the next 12 months for three new hospitals in Bundaberg, Coomera and Toowoomba.

            “Across the forwards, the State Government has sneakily failed to budget more than 40% of the funding, “Mr Janetzki said.

            “Only $5.7 billion is allocated in the Budget, despite the price tag being nearly $10 billion.

            “There is a huge black hole in the State Government’s hospitals promise and Queenslanders deserve to know the truth.”

            Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates said the State Government was only interested in chasing headlines.

            “The facts are there is a huge funding black hole in this hospital promise,” Ms Bates said.

            “The health crisis is happening now. “People are dying waiting for ambulances now. 

            “The Gold Coast is 500 beds short. 

            “Patients are asking what the State Government is going to do to fix the health crisis. 

            “As a nurse and former hospital administrator I know how exhausted our hardworking doctors and nurses. 

            “Doctors, nurses, paramedics and allied health professionals deserve more respect and resources from the State Government.” 

            7.       REVEALED: Record number of ambulances ramped in Brisbane
            Extraordinary statistics have revealed more than 1 in 2 ambulances were ramped at Brisbane hospitals in March setting a new record in the Queensland Health Crisis.

            For the first time in history, ambulance ramping levels have climbed to 50% at nine major Brisbane Hospitals with patients left waiting on stretchers for hours at a time.

            As the Queensland Health Crisis escalates, data released from a parliamentary Question on Notice, shows a whopping 68% of ambulances were ramped at the Princess Alexandra hospital in March, 66% at Redlands and 62% at Logan.

            In 2015, ambulance ramping was at 15%.

            Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli said the alarming figures were unprecedented in Queensland.

            “We have now reached uncharted territory in the Queensland Health Crisis and no amount of promises to fix it years down the track will heal a sick system,” he said.

            “For every one of the last seven years the State Government has crowed about its ‘record health budget’, but it’s their record on health that matters to Queenslanders.

            “Queenslanders are being let down by a broken system every day.

            “The fact that 68% of ambulances were ramped at the PA in March alone should sound alarm bells for the Premier and her Health Minister.

            “Queensland now has the worst ambulance ramping in the country, elective surgery waitlists have blown out and the waiting list for the waiting list has reached new heights.

            “The Premier and her Health Minister must listen, and they must act.

            “Queenslanders deserve better.”

            Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates said frontline paramedics were stretched to the limit.

            “Every minute these ambos lose on the ramp, is a minute they can’t get to another patient,” she said.

            “As a registered nurse and former hospital administrator, I know how frustrating it is for our frontline staff.

            “They are the heroes in this crisis.

            “They didn’t sign up to sit at the end of a hospital ramp for hours at a time, they signed up because they want to help people. 

            “We’ve put solutions on the table including more beds, better triage, releasing real-time data and giving power back to the frontline staff to make better decisions to improve patient care.

            “It’s time for the Premier and her Ministers to start listening.”

            8.      Forensic Services Lab Inquiry
            Our state’s Forensic Services Lab is failing and the State Government is failing to understand the gravity of what this means for Queenslanders.

            Victims of serious crimes are being denied justice due to these failings.

            Following detailed consultation, it is the firm view of the Opposition that the operations and outcomes of the Lab should be examined by the new Commission of Inquiry being conducted into the Queensland Police Service.

            This view is shared by victims and forensic experts. 

            The Lab sits at the very heart of the Queensland justice system and its success is far too important to only be examined in another review.

            The Lab has been the subject of multiple reviews over the last two decades that have repeatedly failed to deliver the outcomes to reform the Lab.

            The State Government only announced another review following pressure by the media and the Opposition.

            The State Government must listen on this and include the Lab in the Police Inquiry.

            This is too important for the State Government to again play protectionist politics by conducting reviews that don’t drive genuine change.

            This is about protecting Queenslanders not the image of the State Government.

            This is about saving lives and delivering a justice system that every Queenslander deserves.

            9.      REVEALED: Major surgical incident
            The Opposition has confirmed a major surgical incident has happened in Queensland. 

            The wrong person had the wrong operation. 

            As a result, this person has died or has been seriously harmed. 

            This is an incredibly serious situation. 

            The incident occurred in 2019/20. 

            According to the report, Queensland is the only state in the nation where this happened and yet the State Government has never made this public before. 

            The Queensland Health Crisis is affecting real people every day and yet the State Government is refusing to provide any further information. 

            Queenslanders deserve to know how this happened and what is being done to ensure it never happens again. 

            10.  Regional hospitals need resourcing
            The Opposition is urgently demanding the State Government start fixing Queensland’s Regional Health Crisis.

            Speaking outside Biloela Hospital in Central Queensland, Opposition Leader David Crisafulli said too many hospitals in the bush were being over-looked and poorly resourced by the State Government.

            “2022 is going to test our public health system like never before,” Mr Crisafulli said.

            “After more than half a decade of decline across the health system, now is the time for the Health Minister to show some leadership and properly resource hospitals in Queensland.”

            Statistics show how stressed our hardworking health staff in the region are.

            • Ramping in Rockhampton hit 56% during 2021

            • One patient in CQ HHS waited 17 hours for an ambulance last September
            • 21 per cent of category two patients at Biloela Hospital aren’t seen within the recommended time of ten minutes

            • Biloela patients need to be transferred to Rockhampton to get a CT scan

            • Birthing suites in Theodore have been heartlessly closed

            “David Crissafuli wants rural Queensland to flourish, we need our public health system to meet the needs of people in these communities.

            “He won’t stop fighting for better healthcare in regional Queensland.

            “The State Government talks up a ‘record health spending’ but their record on health is appalling.

            “The State Government is losing control of the health system.

            “Gaps have been exposed during the covid pandemic which has forced the cancellation of non-urgent elective surgeries until March.

            “The LNP has four immediate solutions that can be adopted by the Health Minister including more beds, improved triaging, empowering local doctors and nurses to make decisions at the coal face and introducing real time data to drive change.

            “I want to thank our doctors, nurses, paramedics and allied health professionals for their dedication to keep the health system running and putting patient care first, Mr Crisafulli said.

            “The staff are the ones holding our health system together right now, while the embattled Health Minister pretends everything is running smoothly.”

            11.  Wellcamp quarantine facility cost $200m for just 65 days of use It cost almost $200 million but just 65 days after it opened, the new changes to quarantine rules has effectively rendered the Palaszczuk government’s Wellcamp facility useless. Funds that could have been allocated to much needed health services.


            12.  We, the people of Queensland demand the removal of Annastacia Palaszczuk, post haste, as Queensland Premier. Before this state continues into continued mismanagement and further debt.





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