Removal Building Encroachment PUBLIC ROAD Not taken action Tamil Nadu Government

Removal Building Encroachment PUBLIC ROAD Not taken action Tamil Nadu Government

1 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Veda muthu Stalin

                           Removal  Building Encroachment Letter  



V. Stalin Arockia Raj

S/O  A.Vedha muthu,

15A,Ganesan road ,

Lakshmi puram, Jaihind puram ,

Madurai -625011, Tamilnadu.



Shri Honorable Droupadi murmu – President of India 

Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi -110004,


Shri Honorable M.Venkaiah Naidu –Vice- President House

No.6,Mailana Azad Road,New Delhi -110011.

Shri Honorable Narendra Modi – Prime Minister 

South Block, Raisina Hill, New Delhi -110011.

Shri Honorable Narendra modi – Prime Minister 

Public wing in prime minister office ,

Department of administrative Reforms and public Grievances,5th ,floor, Sardar patel Bhavan, sansad marg,New Delhi -110001.

Shri Honorable Amit Shah – Home  Minister 

Ministry of home affairs NorthBlock, Raisina Hill, New Delhi -110011.

Shri Honorable R.N.Ravi – Governor Tamil Nadu 

Raj Bhavan, Chennai -600022.

Thiru M.K. Stalin Honble chief minister, 

special cell,Secretariat,

Chennai -600 018.

The Madurai corporation commissioner,

Thallakulam, Madurai -625002.


Subject : 

Madurai corporation old no:41 , New no: 77,R.S NO:33/3C, 33/4C, Madakullam village,   AA Private Road, Public road 12 1/4’ x 120’ to the removal  Building encroachment  of common pathway .. Madurai corporation official letter 2/17508/2003 Date : 13.10.2003. 

Respected sir / Madam 

We file a case along with Madurai corporation on encroachment of public pathway connecting Lakshmi Puram and Ganesan road (12 1/4 * 120 feet road)  by our neighbour Mrs. Rajammal on 

* District Munsif Court OSNO :139 of 1979 and OSNO :532 of 1979. Fair judgement order 11.04.1980. Munsif court ordered to clear the encroachment on 1979 

* Sub-court appointed survey commissioner and declared as Encroachment by IAno:651 of 1979 and IAno:737of 1979. Sub court confirmed Encroachment and order passed by 74 of 1980 and 80 of 1980. Order passed date :22.10.1980.                                                          

* Second Appellate is High court also ordered to clear encroachment by SA.No:484 of 1981 and 506 of 1981.order passed on 14.12.1988.

Due to Madurai corporation delay in Action,

Encroacher Mrs. Rajammal cheat the government by diverting the issue by another petition and try to built compound wall in that vacant place.

                     **   We have to appel in high court for this condemned of Court order.. But because of My family financial problems we can't able to go for high court in Chennai. As No high court in Madurai.            

                                                         So second  time also we put case filed on **  Munsif court Madurai and not put up any construction & this public path way also available survey no in 34/24, order by 1042 of 1990 fair judgment 28.02.1994. 

            And again ** 1st appeal to sub-court declared that place as Encroachment area not put up any construction this public road also survey no in 34/24 again ordered by As.No:84 of 1994 fair judgment Order 08.04.2003.

Encroacher Mrs.Rajammal make ** 2nd appeal 2nd time for the same case with only motive to stretch/delay the Encroachment clear process. Now (same vacant place) high court second time second appeal pending 1608 of 2003.

 ** Mean time Madurai corporation came for demolish the Encroachment area. Encroacher rajamal said pending in high court case 1608 of 2003..

This case connected with Extra compound builds issue and not connected with this basic Encroachment issue. But without checking the orders by court and case, corporation people not made demolition of Encroachment area. Corruption act there I suspect or illiterate office persons involved there.** 

Madurai corporation official letter 2/17508/2003 Date : 13.10.2003.

Corporation water pipe line and drainage pipe line were provided to my house as per the honorable high court order Petition no: 14769 of 2003, CMP:19606 of 2003. Granted permission date on 26.09.2003, with help of Madurai corporation commissioner and superintendent of police.  

I beg you to clear the Encroachment and make the passage for public usage and not to make one Government cheater win.

My father file this case on these Encroachers / govt cheaters by 1979 and struggle for justice till last month and also died (Heart attack) with stress.

So I pray you to give justice Earlier as Relief for his death. 

With Hope on Truth

I put an application regarding  High court accepted as Encroachment in our area 

( Jaihindpuram - Madurai) on September 28th to CM special cell, Madurai corporation collector and PWD head Engineer, Chennai and Madurai.                                                    I made a reminder application on 2nd October and also to CM public grievance’s redressal petition No.2021/1342004/TL, Petition no. 2021/1342001/VN.... 

Against no action taken on the above. 

I get reply that ( CM Grievance PORTAL ) information sent through post but not received by me.

Again application sent to CM grievances - TN/MAWS/MDU/P/PORTAL /08DEC21/2624125..

My petition was accepted.. This time also I get reply as , Information Sent by post through assistant commissioner, zone - 4,madurai corporation... 

But still I have not received any post... 

            I directly met assistant commissioner office asking for his advice, he told to send my grievance’s to him, so I sent Grievance application again on 4th of December 2021... 

But no justice action on clearing Encroachment till now. Reply also not received by post.. 

I Eagerly Expecting Justice from this government against Encroachment cheater.

***Again application sent to CM grievances - My petition was Accepted – But no  action taken still now TN/MAWS/MDU/I/CMCELL/05APR22/3392459.

***Again application sent to CM grievances – My petition was Accepted – But no action taken still now TN/MAWS/MDU/P/CMCELL/12APR22/3424444.

I repeatedly made petitions on an Encroachment which accepted by high court and stay applied to make any construction there and also to clear the encroachment.                                                                      

But Encroacher builds new construction over and over.                                                          I suspect they give Loot to corporation officers and violate even Court orders.

Encroacher not obey the court order means, they not respect our constitution. Government officers also support them for Loot money.

Please support us to get justice on clearing Encroachment or support us to encroach some government public pathway.

***Please give me appointment of CM or PM Special cell officer’s I directly meet and explain my Grievances Truth.. ***

Note : This same application sent to via posted date on : 28.09.2021, 04.12.2021, 23.03.2022 and 25.07.2022




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Signatures: 114Next Goal: 200
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