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Remonetization Of Channel SUPER SURPRISE SHOW & OTHER Innocent Channels

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Demonetization of SUPER SURPRISE SHOW Egg Unboxing Channel

The CEO Susan Wojcicki has to be made accountable in which she has not till this day, for the demonetization issues of innocent Unboxing Surprise Egg Channel Super Surprise Show. And Others Similar 

Family Friendly Children's Channels were censored resulting in Youtube channel creator platforms being demonetized as SUPER SURPRISE SHOW has been. 

Since 2016, not only does Freedom of Speech gets attacked by Youtube T&C but also innocent Children channels or channels which have family everyday family fun get effected.

Of course it’s fair enough to target offending Children’s channels which are truly suspect and should be taken down. However, the large majority of the Children’s Channel which have either been deleted from Youtube’s Platform or demonetized (Advertisement’s REMOVED) without any warning should be addressed.

What happened to “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” Youtube does the opposite. They Persecute & Punish without any evidence to Thousands of everyday people, families, creators who without originally Youtube wouldn’t have been a success as of today

For Example, my VERIFIED Children’s Unboxing Channel which has been run for over 3 years gets attacked by Youtube’s A.I system and then even though the HUMAN reviewer checks the Monetization they come back with this ridiculous email stating that our Surprise Eggs, Candy and Toys channel called the SUPER SURPRISE SHOW is “Masquerading as family content” If this isn’t family friendly, Opening Chocolate Eggs. Then I don’t know what the hell is Family Friendly? Maybe Cats? Oh no I have heard of Channels with Cats featured being Demonetized immediately as well.


Their Email response to my appeal on why our Super Surprise Show Unboxing Channel was completely Demonetized was this


On December 3, 2017 at 1:41 AM wrote:

Hi there,

I can understand your interest on this matter. Hope you are well.

Our systems use a variety of channel and video-level signals to identify if we
need to disable monetization. As mentioned before, we are now taking aggressive
actions to ensure a safe experience for users. We've heard from creators and
advertisers alike that this type of content is not suitable for advertisers. So
as a result, when we find channels we believe are masquerading as family content
(like yours) we will be demonetizing the entire channel.

To read more about our tougher stance on kids content, take a look at our blog
post (English only).

Thank you for understanding.

All the best,


This current Family Ad-Friendly Monetization Policy is still unfair to YouTubers like ourselves who by no fault of our own is being penalized. We also want the A.I Automated policy abolished or changed for the better.

The Youtube Apocalypse has to be fixed, to make Google go into the right direction by having common sense rules including staff who actually properly make informed decisions such as “The video is Family Friendly” and actually watch the video concerned other than believing on what the system states. Unfortunately, YouTube creators are not listened to by anyone, within Youtube support other than being replied to and responded by email templates in which the Youtube staff sign their names at the end of the email. They should all be held accountable. But its starts from the top. The CEO Susan Wojcicki has to be made accountable in which she has not till this day. SHE NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE OR AT LEAST RESIGN

Innocent YouTube Kids Or Similar Such As My Unboxing Channel Should Not Be PENALIZED For No Fault Of There Own. Its Not Our Job To Police Youtube. And Its Not YOUTUBE Job To Penalize Innocent Channels "UN-DELETE OR BRING BACK  MONETIZATION TO ALL THE INNOCENT CHANNELS" 

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