Reissue all of the roto tom sizes!

Reissue all of the roto tom sizes!

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Started by Buzz Barr

Danny Carey, Nate Morton, Bill Bruford, Nick Mason, Phil Collins, Roger Taylor, Alex Van Halen, Taylor Hawkins. What do all these great drummers have in common? The Remo Roto Tom. For years they have been a staple of all sorts of percussion projects, been used as expansions to all sorts of setups, and been used as whole complete drum kits.

Ever since Remo discontinued the larger sizes of roto toms, they have become not only harder to find, but also prohibitively expensive for many a percussionist. They have been bought up by collectors and are rarely found at reasonable prices. The accessories have also become increasingly more rare.

I believe nostalgia for all sizes of these and their mounting options, is at an all time high and the demand is such that Remo should start making these again. There are various groups who buy, sell, and generally admire these beautiful instruments on social media and there are many more fans aside from these demographics, as well as a host of potential consumers that would definitely buy these again. 

With products like colored drumheads making a big splash and more and more vintage type instruments being resurrected, I certainly think myself, that there are more than enough potential customers to start manufacturing these again. Some possible variations being different colored powder coats, the black classic and chrome classic options, maybe even new and different sizes. Modern manufacturing techniques might mean things like brass lug inserts, different styled tension hoops, and more, varying types of mounting adapters and systems might be possible to incorporate. Even without new technology and new options the classic options would certainly be welcome amongst a lot of people.

One day we might see a completely new set of artists doing amazing things with these drums, but not without Remo re-issuing these fantastic instruments, so that we may preserve their legacy for many more years. And also not get scammed into paying in excess of $500 USD for a single roto tom without stand, in terrible shape, and missing a tension rod. 

120 have signed. Let’s get to 200!