Petition Update

Please ask friends to sign the petition

Nancy Winkler
Philadelphia, PA

Aug 25, 2013 — Thank you for your support of the Memorial Park at the site of the 22nd and Market collapse. Good news! In the first 24 hours we got over 230 signatures. We need thousands of signatures to make this a reality. If each of you can get ten or twenty people to sign and post a link on your Facebook page that would be a huge help. Those of you who knew Anne know that she would approve and somewhere she's rooting for us to get this done!

We have spoken with Mary Simpson's family; they support the petition. In the next few weeks we will be reaching out to the families of the other victims to get their support.

Many of you have written thoughtful touching comments about the victims and the need to ensure this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. I urge you all to read the comments and "like" the ones you think should go to the top for new visitors to the site to read.

I am committed to press for this Memorial in the months ahead. Your support is touching. Thank you.