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Hiroshima Day   :)


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Dear Friend,
Every year, Hiroshima Day marks the August 6, 1945 dropping of an atomic bomb by the United States of America on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.
Seventy thousand people died instantly. Another 70,000 died by the end of 1945, and many thousands more became sick and died from the effects of the bomb over subsequent decades.
As we mark the anniversary of this horrific event and reflect on our common goal to abolish nuclear weapons, we urge to send your letter right now to Presidents Obama and Medvedev, urging them to begin the process of making good on their April 1, 2009 joint commitment to work together for a nuclear-free world. 
On July 6, Presidents Obama and Medvedev agreed to negotiate a follow-on to the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. This is a small beginning. But those who oppose nuclear abolition are furiously at work, trying to destroy any chance of an agreement by the end of this year.
In a recent op-ed published in Canada, former Bush-appointed U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton undermined President Obama’s efforts by writing that “the Russians should be happy; most people are when they get their way.”
Worse, in a July 8 Wall Street Journal op-ed, Keith Payne wrote:  President Obama should recall Winston Churchill's warning: ‘Be careful above all things not to let go of the atomic weapon until you are sure and more than sure that other means of preserving peace are in your hands.’ There is no need for the U.S. to accept Russian demands for missile-defense linkage, or deep reductions in the number of our ICBMs, SLBMs and bombers, to realize much lower numbers of Russian strategic systems. There is also no basis for expecting Russian goodwill if we do so.Mr. Payne is a member of the influential Perry-Schlesinger Commission, which was established by Congress to assess U.S. nuclear weapons capabilities. These are the kinds of powerful, entrenched forces we must counter.
We recently wrote to you about an exciting new global initiative of Abolition 2000 – the May 9 launch of the “Abolition Flame Campaign” at our 2009 Annual General Meeting in New York. At, you can send your letter to Presidents Obama and Medvedev, as well post an event marking Hiroshima Day on August 6. You can also post events remembering the second U.S. atomic bombing – of Nagasaki – on August 9.
Inspired in part by the “Hiroshima Flame” kindled 57 years ago from embers of the U.S. atomic bombing of Japan, the Abolition Flame can only be spread by you. This “flame” is meant to be a symbol. Whether you are carrying a lit flame as part of the World March, circulating the flame to friends and colleagues electronically, or organizing your own event to raise awareness about nuclear abolition, you are part of the spreading of the Nuclear Abolition Flame! Send your letter Post your event to mark Hiroshima or Nagasaki Day Support the work of Abolition 2000 There is no charge to join Abolition 2000. This international network of over 2000 organizations working in over 90 countries functions solely by the contributions of people like you. Without your support, we cannot launch and support initiatives like the Abolition Flame Campaign. So please support Abolition 2000 today.
Abolition 2000 Coordinating Committee
Jackie Cabasso, Executive Director, Western States Legal Foundation
Akira Kawasaki, Executive Committee Member, Peace Boat
Dominique Lalanne, Chair, Abolition 2000-Europe
Alice Slater, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, New York
Susi Snyder, Secretary General, Women's International League
for Peace and Freedom
Steven Staples, President, Rideau Institute (Abolition 2000 Secretariat)
Pierre Villard, Co-president, Le Mouvement de la Paix
Alyn Ware, Consultant, International Association
of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms

This message was sent from Abolition 2000.  It was sent from: Rideau Institute, 63 Sparks Street, Suite 608, Ottawa, ON K1P 5A6. 

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