Protect Every Child from sex abuse in religious institutions

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Sam Young
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Scandal after scandal of child abuse continues to pervade the news. From the Mormons to the Baptists to the Catholics to the Jehovah Witnesses to pretty much every denomination, children are not safe.

This petition calls for all religious and youth serving organizations to implement strong child safeguards.

Child protection standards are to include policies, training, accountability and transparency.  Our minimum recommendations are found HERE.

In order to Protect Every Child, this petition is the first of a series of actions that will be launched in 2019.

Action 1This Petition

Action 2Climb a Mountain, Save a Child
We encourage you to summit a mountain, a hill, a driveway or any point of prominence.  Whether big or small. Unfurl a banner on that driveway or mountain top.  Take a picture. Then share it everywhere.  The banner should boldly state PROTECT EVERY CHILD.

This year, hundreds of banners will be planted on pinnacles all around the world.  The flags are not to be left behind.  Rather, they are to be brought home for a subsequent action.

Action 3The Children's March!!  Oct 5, 2019

October 5, 2019, a march & rally will be held in the streets of Salt Lake City.  The banners that have been planted at the tops of the world will be publicly unfurled and proudly waved.  Huge awareness will be spread of the abuse our children have endured and what MUST be done to prevent it in the future.

We will march to protect our precious & vulnerable little ones.  Adults march for all kinds of worthy causes.  Children can't march for themselves.  It is high time that we give our little ones a voice. 

The march will also recognize, validate and sooth the deep hurt still lodged in the broken hearts of adults who were abused as kids. 

This petition is not meant to disparage any religion in any way. Rather, its purpose is to call for major changes to end child abuse caused or facilitated by inadequate safety policies.