Religious Intolerance in SA Schools

Religious Intolerance in SA Schools

5 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Muhammad Patel

A Grade 11 pupil who grew a beard for religious purposes has been suspended from School ! 

We all know South Africa to be one of the countries that prides itself in terms of Diversity and Freedom, more specifically Religious Freedom. But does it truly live up to that claim ? 

The student in question was suspended, on the basis of facial hair, from Greytown High School. 

Some may argue why make a big deal about a beard( just shave it, if the rules demand), but specifically to followers of The Islamic faith this is a huge deal. Its a symbol of a Muslims identity, and is in keeping with the habit of all the previous messengers of The Almighty. Ie.Jesus, Moses,Abraham,Muhammad Peace be upon them all. 

Practicing Muslims pray five times daily, sure they do take religion seriously. Why cant that be respected ? 

In a day and age where all types of groups are given rights, eg the feminist, lgbtq+ and vegan movements, why does something not harmfull to anyone become the centre of abuse and attack? 

Foget rights, some of the recent movements are even being promoted in schools, despite their possible ill effects to society. 

KZN Dep of Education spokesperson later said, the department was unaware a pupil had been suspended for growing his beard, but added the school's code of conduct should be adhered to. 

Coming to codes of conduct yes there are set guidelines in most departments and organisations, But why not judge an individual on his/her overall compliance with the standerds and not a single deviation from the guideline’s which could easily be amended based on a special request ?

The pupil’s sister describes him as: “a very decent, intelligent and respectful human being” that “does really well at school, in academics and sport” 

It is clear the school has used this minor excuse and created a huge hurdle for the pupil out of it, this is extremely disheartening especially with the academic year at a close.

An institution that should be priding itself in education has chosen to hinder a students education over what they deem to be the correct appearance ! 

With all due respect to our local African women who pride themselves nowadays with beautiful hair, we must ask the begging question, when these practices like many others, are not so strictly regulated then why is something that is totally natural forbidden in a code of conduct? 

In conclusion, the constitution of our beloved country South Africa is accepted to dictate the rights of our people, it allows for practise of Religion. 
Is it then ethically sound for company/organisational ‘guidlines’ to contradict/over rule the constitution with no valid reason ?

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Signatures: 796Next Goal: 1,000
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