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Religious Institution Confessions of crime should be subject to Mandatory reporting

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If you agree that Religious Institutions should come under the same Standards of Mandatory Reporting of serious crime as required by Health and Education Professionals, then please Sign the Petition and lets stop these Institutions covering up crimes that could either have been avoided or the perpetrators stopped, caught and brought to Justice. The Royal Commission bringing heinous historical sex crimes to light recently is indication enough that it has been going on for too long. 

If these Professionals are bound to such serious Codes in regards to our safety and wellbeing, then why not Religious Institutions? Aren't they also Accountable for keeping the Public at large safe from possible serious harm or in keeping with the Law and order of the community they serve? Aren't these people in positions of trust ALSO Accountable for their OWN actions if they too commit a crime?

Professional Health Practitioners such as Doctors, Psychologists, Social Workers etc... as well those involved in the Education Industry have a Code of Practice within their Industry which is a set of Standards and Guidelines that are a combination of Ethics, Law and the Organisations own Policies that the Workers both agree to and need to follow in regards to dealing with the Public, which not only protects the Clientele and the Organisation but also the community at large. 

Some of the areas within this Code are Client Confidentiality and Mandatory Reporting Laws and reporting a fellow Health Professional. Client Confidentiality usually means whatever the Client has said in confidence to you remains as such unless: A child, another person or the community at large is in danger of harm or has been harmed, a crime has been divulged, the person is in danger of harming themselves or the Court sends you a Subpoena. Mandatory reporting is what is required by Law to be reported such as: domestic violence, sex crimes and child abuse. As a Worker,  if you know of another Worker in your industry or field guilty of any of these crimes, they too must be reported.

If these Institutions wish to follow Biblical teaching, the Scriptures are clear that sure we may serve God BUT we also adhere to the LAWS OF THE LAND which God himself has appointed: the Bible says in Romans 13:1 " let everyone be subject to the governing Authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God" and we know that this isn't about church authority since it says further on in Romans 13:4 " they are Gods servants working for your own good but if you do evil, then be afraid, because their power to punish is real" and Romans 13:6 "this is why you pay taxes, for the authorities are Gods servants, who give their full time to Governing". 

As you can see the Bible does agree with obedience to the Law within mainstream society and there are no exceptions. The Religious Institutions have NO excuse in keeping confessed serious crime a secret, regardless of who commits it.

Thank you for your time and much needed support.



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