Induction of "ONE AZAN" System in Pakistan

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Naqash Munir
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Azan is the most beautiful way to call Muslims for prayer. Nowadays it is called with the help of loud speakers five times a day in each Masjid according to different timings of Salat throughout Pakistan. Loud speakers are installed in the minarets or any higher place of Masjid’s premises to make sure Azan is reached to most people in the locality and even farther.

As soon as the Moazzin (the person who calls the Azan) turns on the loud speaker control from inside the Masjid, the loudspeakers become active and people can hear moazzin’s call to prayer with all ears.

The Issue:

In Pakistan, one area in a city has at least five to ten Masjids within the diameter of a kilometer. There is a dedicated moazzin in each Masjid who then calls Azan according to specific times set in each Masjid for five prayers in a day. Sooner or later, one Azan starts from one Masjid and others one by one or all at the same time. The loud speakers are set to the loudest level which makes single Azan un hearable by the people when all moazzins perform Azan.

In this scenario, beautiful Azan becomes very difficult to be heard by the people as it becomes disorderly atmosphere in the air due to mixture of many unsynchronized Azans being called at the same time.

Plausible Solution:

We always talk about Unity and unity comes with small acts of being united instead of being a citizen of one country. Due to a thinker and observer of such minute details, it is writer’s suggestion that a system must be introduced in the Masjids which can regulate and inculcate the concept of “ONE AZAN, ONE EMAN.”


Under this concept, the Masjids which are in similar area will be equipped with a connected sounds system through which Azan will be regulated and called at the same time, synchronized. A wireless or local area network will connect 5-10 Masjids and Azan schedule will be calculated according to their time sheet for calling Azan. Only one moazzin will call the Azan and it will be broadcasted live to all 5-10 Masjids connected with the Azan Masjid. This will eventually reduce the disorder spread in the atmosphere and everyone will listen to the same Azan attentively likewise. This phenomenon is simple but needs governmental support to achieve the purpose with all effect in the country.

*To avoid any misconception, Friday prayer’s Azan will be exempted from this system so that all people can offer Friday’s prayer in their respective Masjids.

How will this system impact on the Moazzins?

Under this system, there will be a sense of competition among the Moazzins. A chart will be drawn in all Masjids on which the timing and selected Moazzins will call the Azan as prescribed by the elders of Masjid area. This process will bring in more Moazzins who will be encouraged to practice Azan and become the selected Moazzin for the Azan whose voice will be heard in area of at least 01 kilometers. This can be achieved by rotating the Azan duties from one Masjid to another starting from the Azan of Fajar’s prayer to the Azan of Esha’s prayer.

The Result:

Once this system becomes fully functional, there will be a sense of connectivity among the Muslims of whole Pakistan. All people in one locality will be able to listen ONE Azan and be motivated to perform their preparation for the Salat accordingly. Not only this but there will be keen listenership for the Azan even by those who do not pay heed to the Azan in the current system.