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Mandatory 6 months of counseling before Texas granted divorce.

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My name is Amy Blackwell and I know from experience that divorce is the easy way out of most marriages. 60 days!? In 60 days in Texas you take a family and rip into many pieces that have lasting consequences, over our emotions that we act upon. Emotions that comes from baggage we carry around from our childhoods, past relationships etc. Emotions are all over the place and when acted upon they have lasting regrets and issues that pass down for many generations. All couples need communication and need to be heard by their spouses. So many find themselves in extra marital affairs because of just that - communication. In one moment I wanted to divorce my husband and the next I didn't. Back and forth went my emotions. Emotions that were not being heard. This is where mandatory counseling would be the marriage saver for so many who have hardened their hearts. If you are reading this and have been divorce just think - what if? What if I could've saved my marriage with state mandatory counseling ? Saved my children from a split home and all that comes with that? If you are thinking of divorce and are reading this just think - What if? What if in 6 months my marriage could be save. If you are thinking of marriage and you think- What if this wasn't the easy way out for when I say, I do. That when we all say I DO that the state we live in also says "WE DO". WE DO support your marriage and want to give you the best opportunity to stay together and not take the easy way out. If you support this I ask you take the few minutes and SIGN my petition. I would love to see the law changed in Texas.

Thank you and God bless!

Amy Blackwell


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