Price Inflation

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The price of goods and services have been increasing continuously and it is no longer even possible for the middle or the lower middle class to afford a minimum standard of living. With the telecom companies continuously increasing their prices we can not afford to pay the bills.

How is it possible for students like us or people who live below the poverty level or their children to access internet? How can people who live in distant villages, who dream of providing their children with a good education even in the absence of an institution possible? How will the dream of Digital India come true if most people no longer can afford it? 

Free WiFi networks aren't available for everyone. So how will students like us, the future of this nation acquire the "kalasa" of  knowledge if we can't even access the stairs to reach it? 

It is a plea from us, to be heard, to be recognised as the collective voice of the youth and the underprivileged. We are aware of the competitive market but in trying to heave up your flagpole you're stomping on our windpipes.

Dear Jio please reconsider the prices that you've set up for your services.