Release Tortured Mother & Infant From Asylum: Kidnapping Scam by Corrupt UK Government

Release Tortured Mother & Infant From Asylum: Kidnapping Scam by Corrupt UK Government

31 August 2022
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Started by Laila Ainsley

A conspiracy of silence aids and abets corruption and ongoing perversion of justice committed by government affiliated corporations and judicial within England and Wales. In an overwhelming effort to cover-up Human Rights Violations and torturous living conditions in asylum, Serco, Coventry City Council, West Midlands Police and Judges have engaged in deliberately false missing persons reports without any regard for the Due Process of Law. The following slaveholders have all engaged in the Criminal Act of perverting the Due Course of justice inevitably escalating to Police break in and kidnapping of my infant son July 31, 2021.  Immediately following, a scam of fraudulent orders ensued rendering my son a tortured prisoner without the right to a fair independent and impartial hearing.

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List of Slaveholders:

Serco - Conceals torturous housing with tactic of crazy making.  Falsely reports us as missing and mentally unstable.

Coventry City Council - Statutory Criminal Conspiracy to falsely report mental instability and missing persons.

Midlands Police:  Statutuory Criminal Conspiracy to falsify a Missing Person, unlawfully enter our residence and kidnap my infant son.

Home Office Voluntary Returns Manager and Caseworker:  Refuses to return passports.

US Embassy - Accepts Counterfeit Orders Dated 47 Days after Kidnapping Without Signature from Any Judge.


The state has become a lawbreaker and therefore in accordance with the Rule of Law, has no Jurisdiction to lawfully enforce the law against anyone.  Article 7 of the Human Rights Act 1998 guarantees No Punishment without Law!

Article 6 of the same Act guarantees the right to a fair independent and impartial hearing.

Article 5 guarantees that no one shall be detained without guaranteed Procedural Rights.

Section 6(1) Human Rights Act makes it Unlawful for a Public Authority to Act in any way which vio­lates these rights and Section 7(1) makes it possible for a person who claims to be a victim, or potential victim may rely on any violation as a defense in any case or proceedings instigated against them by the state.

In a government of laws, the existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously ... Government is the omnipresent teacher for good or ill. It teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it invites every man to become a law unto himself, it invites anarchy.


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Signatures: 238Next Goal: 500
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