JOHN MARLIN KING Release to General Population after serving 5 years in Ag Seg in TDCJ

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March 21, 2013 John Marlin King TDCJ  #01845873 had been sentenced to 40 years by Hopkins County Texas to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice on non-violent DRUG CHARGES.  The hefty sentence was more than John could bare which put him in a state of not only depression but also distorted his thought process at the time.  After sentencing no-one had contacted him which left John feeling more desperate and triggered him to leave the premises while in county jail.  John was apprehended within days after the absconding took place on April 2, 2013 from a barn he was hiding in. 

He was placed in segregation away from general population, where he has remained for the past 5 years.  John has been housed in a 6x9 cell in the most horrible conditions anyone can imagine.  John has had no contact with anyone inside or outside of his cell, even recreation has been away from other inmates placed in a cage like an animal.  HOPKINS COUNTY TEXAS has never sent these charges to court, therefore John will not be released to general population until the charges are dropped. 

John has used the last 5 years he has been caged to grow closer to God by completing over 500 certifications, reading his Bible several times through, and believing God has a plan for his life.

John is no threat to society and has been a model prisoner since he has been there.  John regrets what he did, and wants to ask for a chance to be put into general population so he can not only mentor other inmates but can also continue to grow as a Christian.