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Release the Samsung Galaxy S4 / Note 3 with 32 and 64 GB internal memory


Samsung promised and advertised that it will release the Samsung Galaxy S4 devices with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB internal memory. The S4 came only the 16GB version came into the market , few countries have the 32GB and no sign at all about the 64GB devices

Some facts:
- The 16GB device is coming only with about 9 GB usable memory for your applications.

- You CAN'T move the apps on the sd-card 

The new "Move to SD" is useless because you can move only apps, but not its data (the data is huge, not the apk)

- ROOTING is not a solution, because there is no safe or 100% functional way to move the apps to the sd-card and you will also void the warranty

- Some S4 devices comes with the bootloader locked so you can't (yet) install custom ROMs and if you do that, you will lose all the Samsung features

- Samsung promised 3 versions: with 16GB, 32 GB and 64GB devices and two colors: White Frost and Black Mist

- The price difference between 16GB version and 32 GB is usually below $100 (most of time $50/€50/£50) and same between 32 GB and 64 GB

We want to let Samsung know that we want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Samsung's future smartphones but we will refrain doing that until at least the 32 GB device will come to the market. We don't care that it's more expensive than the 16GB device, but we want it in online (eg. Amazon) and physical stores worldwide, unlocked, not only on US careers: We want the device in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and South America, in both colors: Black Mist and White Frost

Keep ignoring your fans and customers will lead to fans going and buy other brands mobiles (eg. HTC, Sony) which proper release their devices with different internal memory storage and also your fame will be hurt with bad reviews and pissed of fans.


Update 1: It seems like a blogger contacted ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) to complain about the lack of space into the Samsung Galaxy S4 16 GB and the lack of stock of the 32gb and 64gb versions. You can read the whole ASA's response here:

Resume: It's seems like Samsung blame retailers because of the lack of 32gb and 64gb variants of the S4. Meanwhile, Samsung was forced to remove the 32gb and 64gb specs from their websites, but those devices are in stock. The retailers have all the fault for not ordering 32gb and 64 gb devices to Samsung, because of the huge demand of 16gb devices and "few interest" (as retailers says) for 32gb and 64gb. It seems like Samsung ask retailers to buy a minimum quantity of units, if they want the 32gb or the 64gb version. Those are scared to order because of the risk to remain with those units in stock because of the "few" interest, losing money this way.

Keep signing this petition, this way we will show retailers there is quite interest for those devices and make Samsung to reduce the minimum units a distributor or retailer need to buy.

Please sign the petition and I will do the best to forward to Samsung Mobile Korea.

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  • Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Company, Mobile Division
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  • President and CEO of Samsung Electronics North America
    Y.K. Kim
  • Head of Samsung Mobile Communications
    J.K. Shin and BK Yoon
  • Chief Executive Officer of Samsung Electronics Co.
    Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon
  • Chairman of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Company
    Yoon-Woo Lee

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