Petition Update

It's there! Not really. Thanks Lisa...

Bill Robinson
Toronto, ON

Jul 23, 2013 — What I think now...

To sign a petition to release the 1921 Census of Canada, visit:

This petition has been signed by 3,198 supporters so far. Now, there have to be far more than 3,198 practicing genealogists in Canada! So get the word out by sharing on your Facebook page, tweeting etc.

On June 1, 2013, the 1921 Census of Canada entered the public domain; according to Canadian law, this census can now be made freely available. Yet we are now nearing the end of July, and still we await the release of this census by Library and Archives Canada (LAC).

What is really odd about this delay is that rich metadata and image resources pertaining to the 1921 Census of Canada already exist, owing to a previous collaboration of LAC and Statistics Canada (STC) with the Canadian Century Research Infrastructure Project (CCRI), first headed by Dr. Chad Gaffield at the University of Ottawa and now headed by