Release Philipp Budeikin From Prison

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I published this petition providing every evidence that I found from Russian websites, translated into English. I wanted this petition to be Philipp’s voice, I intended to speak up for him and I hope you can too. As you may be aware, there are tons of petitions to take Philipp Budeikin down, and this petition is to outnumber all of them.

Philipp Budeikin (also known as ‘Philipp Fox’) is a 23 year old from Solnechnogorsk in Moscow, Russia. He was a former psychology student for 3 years, without completing university. Budeikin, diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, has said to have lived a difficult childhood. “My elder brother would bash me and my mother, often in the streets. I’m sure all this had a huge impact” - Budeikin.

"If you had a talk with him, you realized how much it's just a broken man who wants to be seen. He was disliked in childhood, and he tries to get attention by any means.” - Says a friend of Philipp. 

Now, what was Philipp pleaded guilty of?

Philipp was arrested on November 10, 2016 under the criminal code - “bringing to suicide”. He confessed to bringing 17 teenagers to suicide, even though he was ‘pleaded guilty’ for only 2 attempted suicides. According to the media, these attempted suicides were linked to the famous ‘Blue Whale Challenge’. Blue Whale first attracted news coverage in May 2016 in an article in a Russian newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, that stated that ‘130 suicides’ have been linked to the game. However, the piece was later criticised for having no proof of the suicides, European investigators later found that none of the suicides, not even an injury, was linked to the game.

A Lawyer with the name ‘Tashlanov Anton Olegovich’ (Advocate for criminal cases in Tyumen) published an article stating the following:

 “The first conclusion is that Philipp Budeikin is not guilty of committing exactly the crimes for which he was convicted, since his actions do not include the offense under Art. 110 of the Criminal Code. This conclusion is based on the fact that the disposition of the norm of Art. 110 of the Criminal Code allows the person to be criminally responsible for bringing to suicide only under the condition and not otherwise than by threats, cruel treatment or systematic humiliation of the human dignity of the victim. However, in Budeikin's actions there were neither threats, nor cruel treatment, nor systematic humiliation of human dignity.” 

Olegovich also stated on the article that “The court simply sent a case on charges of Budeikin committing a crime, which he did not commit!”

“This is exactly how the modern propaganda works and this task was carried out 100% - the majority of people hate Budeikin, accusing him of all suicides, despite the fact that he was convicted of two attempts, this is, firstly. And secondly, one Budeikin can not be guilty of not having controlled the state, parents and the "administration" of social networks...”

Eventually, Philipp’s (virtual) friends stepped up and had these statements to say to the journalists in defence of him:

“ I am sure that justice will triumph and release him, In life we wanted to meet... I hope we do meet. He really is a good man, I don't know what to do without him. I almost said goodbye to my life last year. He helped me, talked me out of it.”

“In general, I did not even think that he could be arrested, he did not want to hurt anyone, he helped people on the contrary... He was like a brother to me.”

“I never understood, and I probably never will understand why good people suffer. Recently, Philipp Fox was arrested. Honestly, I don't even want to believe it, but unfortunately I have to. You're accusing him of bringing 15 teenagers to suicide. Seriously? I've known Philipp for about 11 months, and you know he's not who you represent him. You put him up as a monster, a killer of children, the Fox is not like that.”

“Philipp Fox is so bad, killed 15 children, but why did he forbid me to cut my arms? Why? Sectarian and part-Fox killed the children all his life, unless the correspondence is not clear. He's the villain, you're journalists”

Anastasia, a female friend of Budeikin, said this: 

“On Philipp Fox’s social network page, hate comments appear at breakneck speed, such as comments like: “Someone is not hiding his joy about the detention of the bastard." 

“Oh, look, there's something on the police video that shows that he's not as brave as here." 

But many sincerely worry about Budeikin, claiming that he is a wonderful person and "helped many to climb out of the loop."

Right. Now you’re probably thinking.. did Philipp respond to any of this? Well, fortunately, the answer is yes.

Philipp written the following on his (now taken down) social network page: 

“There is no evidence of my involvement in the committed suicides. At least because I didn't communicate with those who committed suicide. My involvement would have been proven — I'd never written anything here. All neurotics... I want to say the following: it is impossible to bring a person to suicide through the network. All I did was give out the numbers. I called them "numbers", and already journalists made them "death numbers". The teenagers were treated to me. I wasn't looking for them, they were looking for me. The cause of the suicides look in the family and the surrounding children. It is easier for mothers to shove all the blame from a network, than to admit the guilt that they did not look after the child, did not give it attention, did not ask once again how things in school were, etc.”

Philipp had been interviewed by a journalist from St Petersburg, not long before his arrest:

Journalist: “How many of them were there? Is it really that, as a number of media outlets write, there are 130 people in the region?”

Philipp: “Of course not. The investigation of “The New” is simply squalor. There were 17. There were those whom I knew and who later committed suicide, but without my direct influence.”

Journalist: “That is, were those whom you considered normal people?”

Philipp: “Yes, there were more than 300 of them, I don’t want to say that I discouraged them from suicide, but in fact it was so. Freaks really are not that many.”

Journalist: “Do you not think that you’re responsible for their suicides, it was made in, if I may say so, your brand”

Philipp: *Sympathy was heard in his voice* “I’m sorry that these people did this to themselves, perhaps if they listened to me, they would not commit suicide.”

Philipp: “Maybe I’m credited with the death of a teenager because the idea suddenly became some kind of trend.”

Let’s take a moment to look back at all this and wonder.. why? Why is Philipp being held accountable for all this? Why is Philipp the one to blame? That’s exactly why I am counting on YOU to sign this petition, together we can declare Philipp’s innocence and release him from prison. I am for justice, are you?

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