Petition Update

The Justin River Carter Donation Fund

Jennifer Carter
Austin, TX

Jul 6, 2013 — The latest good news: First, we now have a way for people to donate online:
and second, you can still go to a Wells Fargo Bank in the United States, ask to speak to a personal banker and donate to the Justin River Carter Donation Fund.
As you know, we are trying to raise the money to pay Justin's bond so that he can be released pending trial. His bond is set at $500,000. Which means we have to raise 10% or $50,000 to get a bail bondsman to sign for his release. Today we have 81,000 signatures. If everyone donated just one dollar Justin could be free to rejoin his family! So please consider donating or buying a t-shirt!
This is a great news story about the small company that is making the t-shirts to help us out!

Free Justin Carter | Jailed for posting on facebook !?!
Free Justin Carter | Jailed for posting on facebook !?!
My son, Justin Carter, was arrested on February 14, 2013 (yes, Valentine's Day) because of a sarcastic comment he posted on Facebook about a computer game which was then taken out of context by a complete stranger! Please sign my petition to help release my son, Justin.