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Jennifer Carter
Austin, TX

Jul 5, 2013 — Update: The family is working on a webpage dedicated to the release of Justin, as well as setting up an online link for donations to Justin's Fund. Please be patient and I will update that information as soon as I get it. This article has some positive news, a statement by the District Attorney's office stated: Justin "may be eligible for “deferred adjudication community supervision,” which, if served successfully, would not result in a criminal record." This is the first comment she has made publicly and is certainly better than the 8 years that was previously offered.;_ylt=AwrNUbC5ONdRUkoA1DLQtDMD

Justin Carter case: How one man's Facebook 'banter' is another's 'threat'
Justin Carter case: How one man's Facebook 'banter' is another's 'threat'
Did Justin Carter make a threat, or a sarcastic joke? That's the question in the case of the New Braunfels, , teenager arrested for a comment posted on that's generating national attention. Mr. Carter was arrested several months ago on a third-degree felony charge of making a "terroristic threat."