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A monkey was “arrested” in Pakistan after crossing the Indian border. Wildlife officials in Pakistan’s Punjab province captured the monkey on the 5th of December following a hectic chase. As if this wasn't bad enough, the 4-year-old monkey (named “Bobby”) has been taken to Bahawalpur zoo, lodged next to a local monkey, Raju, who recently made headlines after escaping from the zoo. The government-run zoo in Punjab has previously received multiple complaints from tourists and locals for its cruel treatment of animals. PETA has asked for the closure of this zoo.

The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations (FIAPO) has complained to Shahid Malik, Pakistan’s ambassador to India, asking for the release of the monkey. Arpan Sharma from FIAPO has said that “we hope that the authorities will do the needful. Let the monkey be a messenger of peace & freedom and not of captivity & confinement”.

Letter to
Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi Khalid Sarwar
Chief Secretary of Punjab
Secretary Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries
and 1 other
Bahawalpur District
I was shocked to learn that wildlife officials in Punjab province captured a trespassing simian (“Bobby”) on the 5th of December and have placed him in Bahawalpur zoo. Territories do not apply to nonhuman animals. This monkey should be released back into the wild instead of being placed in captivity and exploited for entertainment. In addition, the Bahawalpur zoo has already gained a lot of negative publicity over the past years for the poor living conditions for its inhabitants, low standard of animal care, and improper handling by zoo personnel. Wild animals do not belong in zoos, they belong in the wild. All ‘trespassing’ animals should be rehabilitated and returned to their natural environment.

I respectfully ask that you immediately release Bobby and relocate him to his natural habitat!


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