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Nigeria Police Hassment, Police Curruption Illegal detention

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Mrs. Mercy Adetokunbo Oluwaseyifunmi, a resident of No. 11 Fayomi Akinjise Street, Adepetu Area Ondo, Ondo East LGA., Ondo State and Mr. Bankole Oni Ogunnowo a resident of United Kingdom and it is on their behalf that we forward this petition.

Mercy Adetokunbo Oluwaseyifunmi is married with 2 children for her current husband and not Bankole Ogunnowo, as she only had her first child for Bankole before marriage.

Mr Bankole Ogunowo is our Mercy ex-partner who resides in the United Kingdom and she had child with Mr Bankole Ogunnowo, named Damilola Oni Ogunnowo, Mr Bankole and our family have been subject to various of blackmail, intimidation and harassment both in the UK and now in Nigeria and this have been penetrated through this estranged wife One Eilen Adetokunbo Odumosu and her mother Winifred Odumosu who they all reside in the UK. They have suicides in using some men in our respected Nigeria Police Force to perpetuating their criminal activities in Nigeria.

The genesis of the crises was Bankole refusal to yield to the demand of his estranged wife and her mother for a payment of huge sum of money for inviting him to the UK, How would a man pay his own wife that have a child for him for inviting him to UK? This matter has gone to court in the UK, and Bankole won the case, the court ruled that they were satisfied that Money was the issue between the two party, and the Court also noted that they have sustained from the Metropolitan Police that Eilen Odumosu said she would make Sure that she sent Bankole to Prison in the UK or Nigeria. Evidence attached as Court Fact Funding

Eilen is well known in the UK as a notorious blackmailer, in fact the Court says she has no credibility. Evidence available 

Eileen and her mother Winifred have failed in the UK as they were even issued with harassment warning. Evidence available 

Eileen want further to alleged Bankole to the UK authority that Bankole performed female genital mutilation for his Daughter Damilola who resides in Nigeria.

Base on the above Mrecy who is the mother of Dmilola, on the 27th day of November 2015 swore to an affidavit in the High Court of Ondo State in respect of her relationship with Mr. Bankole Oni for whom she gave birth to a daughter named Damilola Oni Ogunnowo on 15th June 2006 who resides with her grandmother Madam Ogunnowo in Akure, Ondo State.

She equally stated that her daughter has a good relationship with her father and was never subjected to any female genital mutilation by anybody. This affidavit was sent to Mr. Bankole Ogunnowo Oni in order to support his evidence in a law suit in the UK instituted by his estranged wife, one Mrs. Eileen Adetokunbo Odunmosu. We hereby attach copy of the said affidavit. One now wonder how Mercy Adetokunbo Oluwaseyifunmi,is the same as Eilen Adetokunbo Odumosu?

It was a huge shock to our to Mercy when She was informed that there was another affidavit that one person who claimed to be known as Akinshola Oyebo deposed to in the same High Court of Justice, Ondo, in Ondo State, stating that she is an impostor and that her name is fictitious. He equally stated that his findings showed that our client’s address given in her affidavit is untraceable, ambiguous and vague.

Without properly investigating the authenticity of the deposition of our client and without the knowledge of the Area Commander in Ondo town, the police at Yaba Division of Nigeria Police Ondo, issued Police Extract for the said Akinshola Oyebo who said he lives at Peace Villa Araromi Quarters, off Supare junction, Akungba - Akoko, Akoko S/W LGA Ondo State. A report was also issued by the Divisional crime officer, one ASP Idowu Kehinde .A. to the effect that our client’s address is untraceable. Evidence Available
The foregoing was a huge surprise to our client who went to the Police Division to challenge the Police them for issuing such extract and letter which were sent overseas without first possibly establishing her nonexistence. She demanded that the police at the division retract the report issued but the Divisional police officer refused even after they traced her to her door step by phone and verified from the houses around her residence.

The state headquarters later got wind of the matter and signalled to the division in Ondo town. Our client came around and demanded that the said Akinshola Oyebo be produced so that she could see him but this was not done even after she paid money to facilitate the process of using his mobile phone to trace him. She then took the police at State headquarters again to her residence in Ondo town described in the affidavit alleged to be fictitious and the police in the state confirmed that she was right.

Till date the said Akinsola Oyebo is still on the run from the police State Cid Akure Ondo State, It is also surprising that during this investigation, the purported Akinshola Oyebo in a bid to cover up his perjury i.e swearing to a false affidavit before a Commissioner for Oaths, wrote another petition against Mercy that she is threatening his life thereby instigating the same police against her as a suspect. One wonders how a person whom our client claimed not to know in person and whom she had demanded that the police produced would be concocting such falsehood without making him to show up.

It was a huge surprise to us today 28th day of June 2016, when our client informed us about the latest invitation to CID. Our Chambers sent one of us in the person of Baba Omojola of counsel who followed her to the State headquarters where she was later re-arrested by officers from the Force CID Alagbon Close, Lagos who are investigating the allegation against her as contained in the petition written by the said Akinshola Oyebo that the name on her affidavit was a forgery.

It was also brought to our attention that, one Mr. Olabisi, the School principal of the Secondary School, Ikare Akoko, attended by Mr. Bankole Oni Ogunnowo was also arrested and taken to Alagbon Close. This school principal had earlier informed the police authorities about two persons who came to his school and represented themselves as officers of the Ministry of Education, Ondo State. They told him they wanted to ascertain whether Mr. Bankole Oni Ogunnowo actually a product of the school which he confirmed to them, They also told him that they have been sent by one Eileen Adetokunbo Odumosu and Akinsola Oyebo and they need him to cooperate with them to implicate Mr Bakole, Mr Adebisi then invited the police since he realised that they were frauds. One of them was eventually apprehended by the police.

Mercy was latter invited to Alagbon Division where she was advised that the matter have been closed and resolved and she can go on with her life.
Snice Eilen Adetokunbo Odumosu have lost in the UK Court on 28/02/2017 and Bankole Ogunnowo was giving a court order to spend time with his child that Eilen Adetokunbo Odumosu had for him. She has since then said she will make sure that she sent Mercy to jail by all means or she would kill her. I wonder how a person who resided in UK will be using some men in NPF to harass a Nigeria in Nigeria when she did not even come to Nigeria to percent her self.

Mercy received a call on her other number latter from a withheld call sometimes around march 2017 the caller said since she sent Affidavit to support Bankole in the Uk Mercy, she will make sure that Mercy is sent to jail through some police that she has already paid in Alagbon close or Kill her.

Marcy had no choice than to go to the court to sort a humanitarian protection at the Federal high court in Ikoyi Nigeria for Restrin order. Eilen Adetokunbo Odumosu who reside in London got aware of the above and she sent some police to pick up our client from Ondo, in Ondo State while she was on her way to pick up her children from school. Mercy have not seen her children since then.

Nigeria police illegally detained  Marcy even after they have received notice from the federal high  court not to do so.

Mercy have been illegally detained by some men of Alagon closed FOCE CID ALAGBON CLOSE GI TEAM , since 7/7/2017 till now her family does not know her where about and we have been told that the men that Eilen who reside in London using at Algbon are planning to lie against her that she jumped bail unless she pays them money.

In view of the current crusade by the some of the Police men being paid on curbing or curtailing the flagrant breach of rights of citizens, we posit that this scenario playing out is one such situation wherein the Police Institution is being used by people to carry out their personal vendetta. Various law court decisions in similar matters signpost that our Police should respect peoples’ rights, jealously guard same and prevent unwarranted violation.

We will like to please demand the realise of this innocent woman, Force should be directed to unravel the interest of Asp Atinuke Willems who is Eileen Odumosu relative and her team in this matter and bring this perjurer person of Akinsola Oyebo to book. That is where the justice of this case lies. Nobody is challenging the authority of the Officers of the Alagbon Close Force CID being the highest national body on criminal matters. We hope to cooperate with you as you resolve this matter as soon as possible.

Mercy have attended Algbon Close three times and advised that case was closed and resolved. We now wonder why the same police are now detaining our client for over 6 days with the order of one Eilen Odumosu who does not reside in Nigeria.










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