The Release of Kanya Tandile Cekeshe, A Fees Must Fall Activist

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Kanya Cekeshe was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment with 3 years suspended as from the 4th of December 2017 for Public Violence & Malicious Damage To Property directly related to Fees Must Fall Protests.

Kanya Cekeshe is an activist who is passionate about Black People and that is where his passion to see Higher Education being An Accessible Right as opposed to a Privilege for the few Came From.

The struggle for Free Tertiary Education is a struggle for the dignity of Afrikans in a country that remains largely a post apartheid Apartheid or in Robert Sobukwe's foresight, as he called it a Democratic Apartheid.

It is in this context that Kanya Cekeshe is arrested.

The Peaceful Protests for Fees Must Fall occurred under conditions that were provoked by the violence of an anti Black system that excluded Young & Bright Black minds from accessing Education due to Poverty engineered by a history of oppression by successive White Colonial Authorities.

The violence that broke out in relation to the protests was again a provocation of the Police Brutality & Unreasonableness of the police that occurred when the Fees Must Fall movement pursued its protests peacefully.

It is that context that brings us to this petition.

Kanya Cekeshe is not violent and whatever happened in the protests under the unreasonable provocation of the police on a Moral basis does not justify the harsh punishment he is receiving from the State.

The act of arresting & incarcerating Kanya is an act so malignant that it will not escape the harsh judgment of the history pages and the onus is upon a so called "Black" government that apparently "liberated" us to at least find some shame within itself and attempt to redeem itself by Finally Releasing Kanya Cekeshe.

The Democratic Government of South Africa has a history of forgiving terrorists and even allowing them to live comfortably to their deaths with us as the taxpayers who were once brutally oppressed by these Colonial Gangsters paying for that comfort. 


The Democratic Government could understand Racist Murderers like FW De Klerk were operating under political conditions but cannot understand the same for Heroes like Kanya Cekeshe who was operating under Political Conditions that were about Saving Black People in their large number from the continuation of a vicious cycle of Poverty and Indignity due to their exclusion from accessing Education  



Please Help Us In Demanding the Release of Kanya Cekeshe and Releasing Him Without A Criminal Record because He is No Criminal. 


Please Sign The Petition to Have Him Released because Prison is for Criminals not Freedom Fighters.