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**NEW KANAKUK PETITION** We need your continued support! 

Support the Kanakuk survivor community today – sign their NEW petition and Open Letter to Joe White! Hold Kanakuk Accountable! You have made a difference by signing the original petition to release Kanakuk victims from their NDAs! Although many survivors remain silenced by forced NDAs, the support and hope they have felt from over 25,000 people signing the "Release Kanakuk Victims from their NDAs" petition has been momentous. Thank you for standing with survivors! Joe White and Kanakuk have ignored the first petition, and they continue refusing to release NDAs. Kanakuk abuse survivors have now formed a community to support one another, seek accountability and justice, and prevent ongoing and future abuse. They have joined hands and collectively drafted this open letter to Joe White, Kanakuk Ministries, and all affiliated entities, and you're invited to support their voices by signing their **NEW PETITION** to Hold Kanakuk Accountable. It asks for three simple things: admit known failures; release NDAs and stop the silencing; and, invite an independent investigation. You can also help Kanakuk surivivors advocate for truth, healing and justice by helping them to SPREAD THE WORD – Please share the petition, news coverage, and VICE News feature with your network and on your social media channels! In truth and light, No More Victims, LLC

No More Victims, LLC
1 year ago