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Release Just Dance: PC Party to the public

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On Monday, February 12, 2017, 17:02 GMT+3 the first gameplay video of Just Dance: PC Party was uploaded to the YouTube channel of Ipozhidaev61. Its creator, meaning both the gameplay video and the game, which is basically a mod for Just Dance 2017 on PC, Ilya Pozhidaev, didn't leave a link in the description to the download page of the game. This may mean he or she is not going to release Just Dance: PC Party to the public. We don't want to watch the gameplays of Just Dance Hits 2.0, which hasn't been released in 2 months (as of February 12, 2017) since its first gameplay video, and doesn't seem to be released in the future. We want to actually play, and want to play now!

this petition is just for fun. tho would be nice if ipoz actually released pc party

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