Release Joe Giarratano from the Albemarle - Charlottesville Regional Jail

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Andrea Raquel
Andrea Raquel signed this petition

My brother in law is being held unlawfully and without the proper ADA compliant cell. He has not been able to shower and is therefore on a hunger strike. His wife, family, friends, colleagues and clients that he assist are devastated and their lives are being affected by this violation in ways that are undesirable because he helps so many.

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On a personal note our family is feeling a major strain and experiencing a great loss with Joe gone. Also there is constant concern for his well-being based on the unsafe accommodations in the jail and previous experiences. His prosthetic leg should be removed and cleaned properly every day. He has not been able to do this in over 5 days. Joe has refused food and water until he is moved to a medical cell. This is not the first time he has been wrongfully violated by his parole officer. The last time the jail, after much fuss from his wife and others, moved him to a medical cell before finally releasing him.

It is difficult to retell this story while trying to remain hopeful and positive. I talked in more detail, about what we've been going through and the details of my brother in law's condition on my podcast, once he gave me the okay to share how he's being so poorly treated. You can listen to my podcast at this link

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