Decision Maker Response

ClearCast’s response

Nov 13, 2018 — The Iceland/Greenpeace ad has struck a chord with many people in the UK and beyond as is clear from the number of signatures on this petition. It carries an important message and communicates it in a compelling way.
We recognise that over 700,000 people have signed this petition and that, like Mark Topps, they believe that this is an important issue and would like the ad to be seen on television. However, the large number of signatures on the petition unfortunately does not change the legal position. Under broadcasting law, Clearcast and the broadcasters need to establish Greenpeace is not a political advertiser before we clear the ad. As you would expect, we don’t make arbitrary decisions on that and rely on advertisers to provide the information we need to help us make the decision. We haven’t received this from Greenpeace, and until we do, and are sure that Greenpeace does not count as a political organisation, we will be unable to clear the ad.
We have cleared a number of ads for environmental organisations. For example, most recently the World Wide Fund For Nature’s “For your world” campaign but also Friends of the Earth, RSPCA and RSPB. All of these organisations have gone through the same process and demonstrated to us that they are not political advertisers under the definitions of the code.
Clearcast’s full response to the Iceland ad petition can be found on our website below.