Release from ICE

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  • The problem is Immigration Customs Enforcement is separating families no matter if migrants came legally or illegally. 
  • Immigration is detaining men, women, and children without deportation orders and keeping them in jails as long as they feel to get a order, even if it takes years or indefinite.
  • In my situation, my country does not take back deportees or have reparations agreement, so ICE wants to keep me in prison to find a way to deport me to a country I don't know even if it would cause significant persecution and medical risk.
  • I am detained without proper medical treatment and denied any help or information for resources when asked.    
  • ICE detention inmates are not given any opportunities to access program, resources for help, proper jail conditions, and safety conditions.

On March 25, 2019, I was arrested and detained by ICE immigration for no crime committed. The reason I was arrested and held is because I have a record dated back over two decades. A record that I had completed my sentence and did not have any record pattern before that one incident or any record offense since for 24 years. With that being said, I am treated like a criminal but not provided a appointed attorney because there is no crime pending or does immigration provide a attorney for detained inmates.

Very disappointingly, ICE is seeking to deport me to Thailand a country that I don't even know. My family and I are Laos citizen that fled the War. Our family came legally and approved by the American Embassy. My father was a veteran that served with the USA from 1965-1975. I am a lawful resident of United States since 1978. I don't even speak their Thai language or have no family of origin in that county. Our family and the Khmu indigenous people fled from the genocide, war, violence, killings, and military political control. The Thai government did not want our people in their land and demanded us to go back to our country even with the fear of being killed. The fear of what will happen to me if deported is all I can think of. I have a pulmonary medical diagnose and need to stay here so I can continue to seek proper care. 

I rededicated my life two decades getting the skills, training, mentoring others, and providing hope in despair through my faith. Last December 2018, I received my A.A in Business with the emphasis in Social Science. Addition to my college degree, I have earned an vocation in Electrical and Masonry skills.

If I sign the agreement to return to a country I don't know, it's like signing a death sentence. Is this fair? And deal with the torture of being detained until I give up. This is inhumane? Please sign and share this petition, I just want your help to demand a release from detention and grant relief for withholding of removal "CAT" because of the significant persecution that would happen to me if removed from U.S.A. Request to stay here in the USA and be with my family contributing to the community. PRAY for me. Pray for the men and women detained like me in prison.

We are human beings to. We have families, children, and friends that are believing that change will come. This is our home. This is all we know. Stand with me to be released home to my family. Stand with me to keep me here in U.S.. Stand with me by signing this petition and sharing it with others.

Thank you,


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