Proscribe female genital mutilation.

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My name is Shweta Rajhans and I am a working professional. I took out time to do something that I haven't done till today

Numerous young Muslim women across India have to undergo the barbaric ritual of female genital mutilation (FGM) colloquially called "khatna" also known as circumcision. For long, this cruel practice was kept a secret and the issue was never raised in public domain. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), female genital mutilation are procedures "that intentionally alter or cause injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons." FGM is usually carried out between infancy and the age of 15. The United Nations observes February 6, as International Day Of Zero Tolerance For Female Genital Mutilation to spread awareness about the cruel practice, which the UN describes as "a catastrophic abuse of human rights".

According to UN's projections, as of 2020, 4.1 million are globally impacted by FGM. In India, this inhumane practice is found amongst the Dawoodi Bohra community, a Shia sub-sect of Islam. This painful process is carried out by naive midwives, using sharp objects like blades. They believe that the clitoral head is unwanted skin, 'haraam ki boti' or a 'source of sin' that will make the girl unmarriageable. The community believes that FGM will help girls resist premarital sexual desires and hence will stop them from engaging in premarital sex. It is a punishable offense in USA, UK, Australia but sadly enough no law in India bans this practice.

FGM has no health benefits but only scars the girl/women subjected to it physically, mentally and otherwise for the rest of their lives. Since sharp objects are used to remove sensitive genital tissues, it causes severe bleeding, infections, blood poisoning and can also prove fatal. The use of unhygienic objects in the process lead to transmission of HIV/ AIDS. The victim also undergo a lifetime of psychological trauma, agony and pain due to anxiety, depression and loss of sexual sensation. Most importantly, it interferes with the menstrual health and causes tremendous pain during menstruation and inflammation while urinating. Childbirth complications and still born cases are very common due to FGM.

I have no stakes in this issue as I am a practicing Hindu and this ruthless practice doesn't impact me one bit. But, the very thought of the agony and pain that a FGM victim goes through, both physically and mentally shakes me to the very core and hence I would request you to sign this petition.

FGM is nothing but a merciless and painful tradition and it's high time that stringent laws come in place in our country to completely ban this brutal practice.