Reject the Property Usage Change on Parcel Number 10-2N-28-0000-00501-0000

Reject the Property Usage Change on Parcel Number 10-2N-28-0000-00501-0000

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Board of Commissioners 6495 Caroline Street Suite M Milton, FL 32570 Santa Rosa Board of County Commissioners and

Why this petition matters

Started by Donald England

The property owners of parcel number 10-2N-28-0000-00501-0000 has petitioned Santa Rosa County Florida to change the property usage from timberland to RV Park.  This parcel is within the Military Airport Zone (MAZ) and could have an extensive impact on the encroachment of NAS Whiting Field.  It is the belief of many citizens living near or employed at NAS Whiting Field that any encroachment to NAS Whiting Field could potentially impact their employment at said location or operation of said location.  It is also the citizens belief that any parcels of land within the MAZ should remain at the current property usage or be changed to either timberland or cropland.  This would ensure that no further encroachment onto NAS Whiting Field takes place.

Our concerns with these Rezoning Applications 2022-R-011 and 2022-CU-008 are as follows:

1. The properties indicated on the notice is owned by more than the applicant, but only the owner of parcel number 10-2N-28-0000-00501-0000 is listed as sole applicant.
2. The properties are wholly within the NAS Whiting Field Military Airport Zone (MAZ).
3. The properties, if application is granted, will be accessed via Sherwood Forest Drive and potentially Alicia Drive which intersect with Langley Street.
4. Traffic on Langley Street is vital to the mission and operation of NAS Whiting Field, additional oversized vehicles will exacerbate any hindrance to the smooth operation of the base. Langley Street, although a legal street, is a narrow road and with oversized vehicles requiring wider turn offs or lanes to enter and exit said parcels.
5. Reviewing Tables 8-4 in Land Development Code, Chapter 8, it would appear that most, if not all residential type uses are prohibited in AP Zones.
6. Over the past years Santa Rosa County has limited or prohibited developments that might interfere with military operations. Areas around NAS Whiting Field have and should be preserved to insure that operations can continue without hindrance. Allowing a RV Park to interfere with road access to the base and add additional population within the MAZ would appear counterproductive to keeping NAS Whiting Field a viable base in the upper military echelons.

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens and/or citizens employed on NAS Whiting Field strongly oppose the rezoning application # 2022-R-011 and 2022-CU-008 based upon the above concerns.


150 have signed. Let’s get to 200!