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Reject plans to build a military college on the Mount of Olives

In October 2012, plans were deposited on the Mount of Olives informing local people about plans to build a military college, here. Israeli citizens had 60 days to voice their objections. In this time, an international campaign was also start, to voice the opposition of people of all faiths and none to the plans. This petition is part of that campaign. Although the consultation period has now closed, your support for this petition would stil be useful:

a) because the Israeli Ministry of Interior is informed every time the petition is signed.

b) because it will enable you to be updated with future developments on these plans.

The Mount of Olives is a place of deep religious importance to Christians, Jews and Muslims.

It is also one of the most heavily disputed areas of Jerusalem.

The construction of a military college there could be seen as both insensitive, and provocative. It takes Jerusalem yet further away from becoming a city of peace.

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