Reject Ordinance NO. 2022-O-19 Potomac Park Rezoning

Reject Ordinance NO. 2022-O-19 Potomac Park Rezoning

July 17, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Liz Davis

Ordinance NO. 2022-O-19 wants to rezone CZONE-22-00008 (a property on the west side of the Windmill Creek and Fox Run communities off Blackhawk Street) from "Public Open Space and Recreation (OSR)" to "Business Park 50 (BP50)". The land was originally bought to make a park. On July 13th at the public hearing to the Planning and Zoning Commission, David King, the city representative stated that if the rezoning passes the land will most likely be used for light industrial use such as warehousing.  

After hearing the public comments at the public hearing on July 13th, the commission board agreed that "THE REQUEST (Ordinance NO. 2022-O-19) DOES NOT MEET ALL OF THE APPROVAL STANDARDS SET FORTH IN SECTION 12-14-604(E) OF THE LAND DEVELOPMENT CODE.” These standards include:

1.) Standard Number 3: "Assurance of compatibility between the proposed development, surrounding land uses (existing or planned), and the natural environment." Violation Evidence: There is an abundance of wildlife that utilize this property including a Bald Eagle that frequents the area. On July 14th the Bald Eagle was seen using the property to hunt for food. Then on July 20th, a witness saw two Bald Eagles flying over the property. If used for a Business Park the living conditions of the animals will be impacted. Instead of enhancing the environment with the park, the rezoning will eliminate the land use for business buildings. 

2.) Standard Number 5: "Enhancement of convenience for the present and future residents of the City by ensuring that appropriate supporting activities, such as employment, housing, leisure-time, and retail centers are in close proximity to one another." Violation Evidence: This rezoning will not bring the convenience of leisure time. A park does bring more outdoor activities to the nearby communities, and this will be taken from the public if the rezoning happens. In addition, more warehouses will not bring young employees to the area. In fact, in a survey, I conducted that asked 77 people, "If you lived next to an area dedicated to being a park and it was rezoned to a business park, would you consider moving?" 88.3% said yes. In addition, in a survey I conducted that asked 81 people, "Which community do you think would attract more influential employees and families? One with more parks or one with more industrial buildings?" 92.6% said more parks. People would rather see a park where they can bring children and pets. All residential uses are not permitted under the "Business Park 50" zoning. This change will not bring more diverse housing to the area. If the City wants to encourage families to move into the area, they need to establish areas for children and family to come together. Apartments and condos need areas to be outdoors and appreciate the environment. In addition, this rezoning will impact the property values of the residents. The change will decrease the value, and many people bought their homes with the promise of a park nearby. A professional real estate agent confirmed that the rezoning would most likely decrease property values. In addition, in a survey  I conducted that asked 58 people, "Do you think rezoning a property from public open space to a business park would increase or decrease next door property values?" 93.1% said decrease next door property values. Again a change will negatively impact the values of nearby property owners. People do not want to buy homes with views of a giant business park. 

3.) Standard Number 6: "Protection of public health, safety, and welfare against natural and man-made hazards which include, but are not limited to, traffic noise, water pollution, airport hazards, and flooding." Violation Evidence: The warehouses in the area already bring more loud traffic. The use of large vehicles shakes the buildings and damages the roads. 

4.) Standard Number 9: "Assurance that the amenities and uses to be provided tend to enhance the quality of life in the area, by creating a comfortable and aesthetically enjoyable environment through conventions that include, but are not limited to:

The preservation of mountain views; 
The creation of landscaped open areas; 
The establishment of high-quality mixed-use centers that are accessible to residents of abutting neighborhoods; 
The establishment of recreational areas; or 
The creation of employment centers or large-scale retail or mixed-use centers in appropriate locations. "

Violation Evidence: The large building will eliminate a mountain view for many of the residents in the Windmill Creek and Fox Fun communities. The intended use if the rezoning passes will eliminate the creation of landscaped open areas and recreational areas. The intended use of a warehouse will not provide high-quality mixed-use centers. In the past year, four other warehouses were built in the area, and some still sit empty. 

At the end of the meeting on July 13th, it was a unanimous vote by the commission to suggest to deny the ordinance. Now on August 1st, the city will present ORDINANCE NO. 2022-O-19 POTOMAC PARK REZONING to the City Council with the suggestion from the commission to not accept the proposal. Ultimately it is up to the City Council to approve. 

This petition aims to inform the City Council that Ordinance NO. 2022-O-19 violates multiple of the approval standards set forth in section 12-14-604(E) of the land development code. In addition, the petition aims to inform the City Council that the public is against Ordinance NO. 2022-O-19, and it should not be passed. 

By signing the petition, you agree that Ordinance NO. 2022-O-19 violates multiple of the approval standards, and you do not want Ordinance NO. 2022-O-19 to be approved. You agree that you want to keep CZONE-22-00008 as "Public Open Space and Recreation (OSR)". 

For details on Ordinance NO. 2022-O-19 on rezone CZONE-22-00008, use the link labeled "Details on Ordinance NO. 2022-O-19" below. Details on the rezoning begins on page 18 under the label “Rezoning Plan for Potomac Park”. The details about the commission's decision to suggest to deny the ordinance is on page 23.

Details on Ordinance NO. 2022-O-19

For details on the type of infrastructure permitted in a "Business Park 50" zone use the link labeled "Centennial Land Development Code" below and go to page 2-13. For details on the approval standards go to page 14-49: 

Centennial Land Development Code


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Signatures: 469Next Goal: 500
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